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    1. Wallace says:

      Text message offers gas cards.

    2. Enoch says:


    3. Stan says:

      Dead silence, I think they were rubbing one out listening to my sexy voice

    4. Lamont says:

      Wow.. what a bunch of jerks ! Anyone that goes to these courses should realize what they sign will end up in the hands of nuts ! After this pervert called us, my wife and I figured out it was an animal abuse course taught by some place called the New York State Humane Association. This IS NOT a state agency we found out after this pervert called. It is a group of misfits that use the New York State name ! Where is the Gov on this BS ?? Probably in bed with one of these perverts ! Never would have known how widespread these perverts were without doing a web check. Stay away from anything that states they represent NYS when they don't ! Don't be a fool like we were and assume they are legit by their name. The NY State Government should take away the ability for these perverts to state they are the New York State Humane Association when they have nothing to do with the Government! They are only located in NY. And check that out, they have a PO Box.. NOT EVEN A LEGIT COMPANY !

    5. Faustino says:

      i just received a text saygint that i won a $1000 gift card from Best Buy.

    6. Gerard says:

      Some guy who he says is Ryan Sanders at this number keeps calling my house trying to fish for information. Every time he calls he says is for some type of debt, but is something different from the previous call. 1st call: Debt collection of credit card - $1,097.15 2nd call: Debt collection for unpaid rent $460.00 3rd call: Unpaid military expense $780.00 4th plus calls I keep hanging up I feel harassed, please do something about it. Thank you, John

    7. Michale says:

      Received solicitation call despite being on the do not call list.

    8. Denis says:

      I got the same call.  Claimed he was with Microsoft Certified Support and asked me to go to ammyy.com as my computer was infected with some virus.  He had the computer name.  I updated my antivirus software and hung up on the guy.  Sounded like he was calling from a large call center.  I could hear several others with Indian accents giving the same pitch.

    9. Chauncey says:

      Gleamous Instant Hot Water Sydney

    10. Earl says:

      Did not reply when I said hello

    11. Percy says:

      Smh glooks on the heads ^

    12. Francesco says:

      Where are you all from? I'm from the Dallas area, buy I was jw if there are other commonalities between people receiving these since it just started this morning, it seems. I don't visit those websites, so I thought there might be another way my number was found.

    13. Loren says:

      They called me today and left no message.  I just sued one collection agency for harassment and won.  Trying to collect a debt which has ran statues is illegal.

    14. Jerrold says:

      Several phone calls, no messages were left, just hang ups when the calls were forwarded to voice mail. And this is on a 'new' cell phone, at least a new number for me. Which has been recently added to the WI no call list.

    15. Deon says:

      allie scum collector calling again before 8 what a bundle i'm going to collect