760-697 Phone Me Not

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    1. Wes says:

      gives escorts wrong address. fake #

    2. Claude says:

      Call 24 7 different numbers

    3. Raymundo says:

      I continue to receive calls from this number but they never leave a message...annoying!

    4. Marcos says:

      The CallerID is spoofed.  They called my house this morning about 20 minutes ago.  I let it go to the answering machine.  They left no message.  Block this number.

    5. Korey says:

      So can they really come serve you at your job?  Are they really going to show up at my job

    6. Joaquin says:

      Collection / credit card

    7. Lavern says:

      Lowering credit card interest scam

    8. Douglass says:

      he just called me and i wanted to get some info related to him...so i ended here

    9. Wes says:

      no calls from this number

    10. Ben says:

      Just got a text from this number asking to click on a link to give me an iPhone5 as a "Beta Tester." I didn't click it (I'm not stupid), but I'm 100% sure it's a virus/keylogger/malware. Please do the smart thing and delete this when you receive it.

    11. Ezequiel says:

      Credit card debt...i do not have any credit cards.

    12. Eldon says:

      It's from a SCAMMER, looking for Mexican or spanish-speaking victims, they make up some fake cell phone offer and try to get you to pay money.

    13. Johnie says:

      Caller ID says "customer support"

    14. Ollie says:

      These people block their caller ID, but give out their number when they leave a message on voice mail. Apparently these people represent First National Bank. Seems pretty sly to use this strategy - who can prove they are violating federal law as it relates to "Do not Call Registry?"

    15. Scotty says:

      A man named Jack Johnson (who does not speak very good english) called me today and told me that I have 3 felony's against my Social Security #, he told me to call the # back and ask for extension 175 and talk to Ronny Cooper the case manager assigned to my case so that he can let me know the charges and help me get an attorney, but I just got a job and they did a background check and nothing came back on my background check so I know it's a scam..... they call me about every 10 all day everyday trying to get me to call them back..... when they leave a message on your machine they say that it is time sensitive and that if they do not hear back from you or your attorney all they can do is wish you good luck..... PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS