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    1. Amado says:

      I got a phone call on my cell, no msg left. Called it back & there was just music playing.  It just kept playing, so I hung it up.  It is a CA area code.

    2. Scot says:

      I wish this person would leave me alone

    3. Vern says:

      I really hate numbers you all back and it says number disconnected, I dont think the phone company should allow that. Its a working number it keeps calling me when I am not home. AGGRIVATING!

    4. Bert says:

      a guy called me from this number, telling me they had some coupons for me.

    5. Quintin says:

      Credit card rate automated recording.

    6. Isaac says:

      my phone only rang once. no msg. didn't recognize the number. did a number search & here i am! glad to know others have gotten this. i don't plan to return the call (i'll take everyone else's word for it)& i will use thi site for any future unknown calls on my cell.

    7. Nicky says:

      This girl claims to be someone else and uses and fake name to meet people online. She will make up a last name that way you can not find her on any social media to tell the photos and stories she's been telling you are completely untrue. Beware of this "Catfish"

    8. Jerrell says:

      BofA ( Bank of America ) fraud department, not snap.

    9. Victor says:

      I'm also getting the same calls EVERYDAY its soo annoying and it only say's TX. I'm just ignoring the number now and mark it as spam.

    10. Shelton says:

      this number calls all the time . never talks. never leave messages .

    11. Kevin says:

      Received multiple calls from this number in Austin, TX. Do not answer. It is some branch of special investigators (the police).

    12. Santiago says:

      Got a call 2 times today from this number. No message. I called back, and it went to a message telling me to leave a voicemail with no name, or anything. Getting annoying.

    13. Mitchel says:

      Is there any way to figure out who the number belongs to?

    14. Theodore says:

      Keep getting these calls, daily.  Wil lbe changing my #

    15. Darrel says:

      Female, calling me home on June 22, 2011, asking for my husband, then hung up once she heard my voice. Won't answer return calls.