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    1. Rafael says:

      calls continue and unable to stop

    2. Weldon says:

      got the same message    i guess I'm not sooooo  special  lol

    3. Barney says:

      He's gay and thinks its funny to call me gay and spread rumors

    4. Hershel says:

      Adoption looking for someone else supposedly.

    5. Harley says:

      Career Institute. I have "degree" from there. At least I was told I had a degree and when I applied for a teaching job they denied it. Don't talk to them.  They lie. Even though I had my degree the school district would not accept it. They call all day long.

    6. Rigoberto says:

      to many ip addresses to be a personal phone

    7. Gerard says:

      I didn't pick up so this messege was left on my voicemail. This is total spam.

    8. Carol says:

      He said I won a survey abd ask for money to send money

    9. Kelvin says:

      This number calls me 3-4 times a day. It's an automated call........beeps if I answer or just rings 1-2 times and hangs up. I think it's a political organization wanting donations or something.

    10. Millard says:

      This number does not accept incoming calls.

    11. Robin says:

      Its In Kentucky In A Little Town A Family With Twin's [ My Family ] [ Im 1 of the twins] Quit City...

    12. Clair says:

      I got a call from these people stating they were the New York Department of Civil Fraud and I owe them 150 by today. They were going to file all types of suits against me and throw me in jail. Then they proceed to give me all these attorney's and when I ask what the claim is for they wont tell me and they wouldn't even tell me who was putting the claim out on me. One they should check there area codes if they are going to claim there in NYC because 209 is a California area code, and two they should make sure they have realistic names I have yet to meet an Angela Brown from Pakistan(No offense)! This is a total scam, don't believe anything they say. A threat is a threat nothing more!

    13. Willian says:

      They keep calling for the wrong person. Over n over again n I told them to stop smdh

    14. Rudolf says:

      The person has been harassing me and sending me vulgar texts.

    15. Man says:

      you are right they filled a case against me so please stay away from them.