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    1. Jewell says:

      Scam artists from India yet again. Had a problem similar to this last year with the LogMeIn123 scam. It doesn't matter how many times I hang up on them and tell them to leave me alone they keep calling twice a day.

    2. Buster says:

      this person calling from 209-812-0707 is a telemarketer out of the merced county.you can use SPOEKO to find out whos behind thoes unwanted calls.

    3. Phil says:

      Robo call to lower your mortgage payments. Corp Trust Co is located at 1209 Orange St, Wilmington, DE 19801. Also known as CT Corp Systems800-624-0909, 302-658-7582, fax 302-655-5049 www.ctadvantage.comI would love to have everyone their robo caller called call the Corp Trust switchboard & give them a taste of the same treatment ....

    4. August says:

      I, too, have been getting un-solicited call from this number. It started last week; usually once a day. The times to vary. My cell phone is, "off," more than it's, "on." Several show up as, "missed calls."

    5. Reinaldo says:

      Got a text at 12:04 am with the following message: Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the New ipad3 but only the 1st 1000 that got to a "web site" and enter a code will receive it... SPAM! of course I didn't reply just hate that we are now being SPAMED on our cell phones at midnight...

    6. Rudy says:

      Got that call...Why can't we do something about it?

    7. Stephan says:

      Please block calls and txts

    8. Aurelio says:

      called me at 6:45 AM, left no message. Tried to call number back later on, cannot complete as dialed.

    9. Jonas says:

      Not serious about hooking up and didn't respond to my text!

    10. Greg says:

      You have been randomly selected for your $1000 gift card from Best Buy...

    11. Calvin says:

      Didn't answer no messages

    12. Nolan says:

      automated voice answers when you pick up the phone. tells you to wait on hold

    13. Fabian says:

      received call from this # 213-261-0609  claiming to have an affidavit of malicious intent, as well as 2 counts of alleged check fraud against me,(ALSO, as the claimant above mentioned).  they left a call back # of 866-402-4043 and affadavit # to reference to.

    14. Coy says:

      Drama want notjing to.do with trouble maker

    15. Wade says:

      I got the same call on a Friday, they just kept saying that an officer was going to pick me up on monday morning and I've been here waiting for them but nothing has happened yet. And each time I call back it's hard for me to get any kind of info because I just don't understand anything that they are telling me she says her name is Kevin Foster and some other retard name Rikki foster and another f****n idiot named Alex Smith. They're all good American names but f****n idiots can't speak perfect English to save their lifes. I was wondering if anybody can give me an address where I can find these retards so I can hve a word wit them. It pists me off because I took the day off work and I've had a sheriff and my lawyer here waiting for these dumbass's to show up but they haven't. I filed a police report because they have my social and my routing number and I have no idea who they are. So if anyone can give me an address that'll be great.