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    1. Garrett says:

      This is a number that has called me before and no one answers.  Finally today Feb 3,2010 someone answered.  They said I had ordered a GOOGLE Tool Kit back on July 16, 2009 and I did.  They said I didn't cancel, which I did on July 17 and had the bank stop any further payment after they charged by card twice.  Now they are claiming that I owe them $224.00 and they are going to turn this over to the Credit Bureau.  These people are suppose to have my mailing and email address and never sent me a bill before now. They claim that all calls are recorded, so I told them what I said before, I don't owe them any money because I cancelled my membership.  DO NOT fall for this.  IF YOU DO, CALL YOUR BANK IMMEDIATELY AND CONTACT YOUR LOCAL BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU.  DON'T ANSWER THIS NUMBER!

    2. Byron says:

      I messaged you on Circle, the Local Network. Get the app: http:// discoverCircle.com/download?sms=1

    3. Buford says:

      This person keeps calling and hanging up. Stop calling me

    4. Darrick says:

      Wants to sell facial products

    5. Ward says:

      got a call from 1 124 587 8678 not  a valid area code- how does that happen

    6. Cornelius says:

      i received a call from this number & i cant figure out who it is thgt called.

    7. Bernardo says:

      Hangs up calls after midnight.

    8. Jean says:

      if it is for real and you pay the shipping and handling for the gift card. i want to know if anyone has really won it and if so where do i get it

    9. Elden says:

      3 calls, no messages, no texts

    10. Sang says:

      This number has called several times a day for the last two weeks.  Usually, no one is there.  When someone is, she mentions the name of an employee here about some registry and blah blah blah.  Totally not legit, though they did mention the name of someone who works here so they got the name from somewhere.

    11. Manuel says:

      This is my textfree number from my STOLEN iPod touch. If you get a call from her (found out her name is Callie and I think from Moscow Idaho) please help me get my ipod back!

    12. Anderson says:

      Got called 4 times today.  I finally hot a live person on the line.  I immediately let him know I was on the National Do Not Call list & for him to put me on his "DO NOT CALL" list.  As I was saying this,  he hung up on me.   I hope this works.  He did not identify himself or his company.   This type of predatory aggravating phone techniques should be outlawed & fined heavily!   These scum should be fined &I forced out of business for such miserable tactics!

    13. Darryl says:

      notsayinganythingwhen theycall

    14. Lynn says:

      My husband received a call from this number at 5pm on a Sat. He wasn't home so I ask to take a message and the guy said he was calling from Frontier and said he name was Ricco.

    15. Stewart says:

      Toner salesman - trying to sell us toner.