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    1. Shannon says:

      Telemarketer for credit cards

    2. Chester says:

      Same here....they called me at 5am this morning.

    3. Monte says:

      Window Genie Denver Window Cleaning1230 Sherman St Denver, CO 80203(303) 747-4217http://www.windowgenie.com/

    4. Elroy says:

      Lady calls and wants to make appointment to show you a water filtering system. Agent comes out with a "free" gift (piece of junk) and pours various things in samples of your water and says it is really bad...Filter system is pretty expensive for whole house and too rich for my pocket for just drinking water filtering. They are persistent...call every few months. Don't want to leave literature so you can check them out. Number shows Chelsea Neal on ID. Call the number and it says all circuits are busy, or just rings and rings and no one answers. Probably legit but I'm not buying if they won't provide contact info.

    5. Clark says:

      I have a cell on do not call and got 4 calls today from this number. Answered 2 times and there is nobody there.  4:34pm  5:24pm 5:40pm and 5:59pm

    6. Norberto says:

      Haynes Services; Address: 107 N 63rd Ave W, Duluth, MN 55807; Website - http://haynesservice.com; Services: Landscaper, Landscape Services, Grounds Maintenance, Gardening, Lawn Care Service.

    7. Shannon says:

      Called at Approx 4:45 PM CST  3/13  Left no Message

    8. Joan says:

      the text told me my 'recent entry had won' and to got to a best buy website ant enter my 'claim' number to receive my $1000 gift card

    9. Rico says:

      Recorded message for political viewpoint.

    10. Van says:

      Furniture scam, Pottery Barn lier.

    11. Odis says:

      same thing I get a weekly call from this number and they never leave a message

    12. Lewis says:

      I was told it was a scam, they were calling me from a 970 area code at first because I stopped answering, now they are calling from this number. I am gettig a man, and he also has a thick accent. I don't know how to get them to stoop calling...

    13. Leigh says:

      Received phone call no one on other line once I answered. These are beginning to be very annoying.

    14. Jeff says:

      Just keeps calling my home number.

    15. Herbert says:

      I get calls from this number and similar ones like it several times a day every day. I don't understand why the phone companies can do something about these harassing calls?