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    1. Gary says:

      I got 10 calls from this number with a guy saying I am sleeping with his wife etc and I not I am married then he said he's sleeping with my wife and started threating etc

    2. Jamaal says:

      need help to protect my phone

    3. Lloyd says:

      robot caller because I'm apparently "paying too much for auto insurance"

    4. Stacey says:

      I did not answer the call & they did not leave a voicemail

    5. Floyd says:

      I receieved a call from a person with an asian accent. claiming that I owed someone money

    6. Nick says:

      Please do not call people on their jobs!!!!

    7. Bernard says:

      Got tons of calls. Never answered my phone...she probably called 37 times. Left a voicemail yesterday saying she'd lick my butthole, if I would just pick up. I'm not interested in falling in love, so I still have yet to call her back.

    8. Luther says:

      On caller ID comes up Discount Center and that is Electric Supplier Hawkers...DO NOT ANSWER and report them to the DO NOT CALL COMPLAINT Website...They need to stop these people from Calling people on the DO NOT CALL LIST!!!! Telemarketers

    9. Collin says:

      Looked up, spam, telemarketing.

    10. Emmanuel says:

      telemarketing company that does not adhere to the DNC list.

    11. Marion says:

      I got the same call and there were many people in the background.  The first person had a heavier accent (Indian) but they transferred me to their manager, who spoke with a less prominent accent and told me his name was Sam Bradson, Microsoft ID ms_00659. I asked them how they got my number and they kept repeating that the Microsoft system alerted them...which is totally impossible.  I told them I would speak with my husband and they gave me the number to call back.  I looked on line and found this site

    12. Rhett says:

      I was thinking about that, I seem to be bilnkocg loads of spam recently I have used about 100+ so far. All I can think is to unblock some of the earlier ones when we have used the 500 up, and hope they wont start bombarding us with spam again, hope someone knows what we can do. Was this answer helpful?

    13. Cordell says:

      Free three month RX promotion.  Hung up after I heard it.

    14. Damion says:

      No one says anything and then you get a loud fax sound in your ear. They've called our business 6 times today. I have gotten a total of 22 calls from area code 248 today and they are all just beeping sounds or fax machines.

    15. Josue says:

      Have received 3 calls from this no in the last 20 mins. No msg silence or dial tone.  Previously we have been receiving 3 calls a day for the last month from 201-299-4485 name New Jersey same thing no msg and or dial tone.