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    1. Fernando says:

      Nonstop calls all day, I keep telling them wrong # and they call back an HR later!!

    2. Andreas says:

      I did not answer tge call but keep on calling. Bless them with course!

    3. Tyree says:

      calls me often. i didn't answer and they never leave a message.

    4. Lyndon says:

      These calls persist with frequency,but there is never anyone responding.It is a nuisance, and very often a safety risk because of trying to answer the call in a timely manner. who is going to follow-up and stop this?

    5. Isaias says:

      i get a call from +301 nothing else, no other numbers, just the 3 digits on 23rd December 2012.pls help me what number is this. I do not answer.

    6. Maximo says:

      Three calls in two days.  They called me by my first name and said it was time for our annual cleaning.  They hung up when I said we were on the DNC registry.  I also told them I don't have a chimney (it's true!) but they still called back.  The last woman said she would continue to call until they cleaned my chimney before she hung up.  I hope she does, so I can waste her time.  I did file a complaint withe the DNC registry.

    7. Jc says:

      Myself AND my wife today received a call from these people today... Oddly enough from different numbers. She received a call at 430 I'm the morning from this number saying "we want to talk to you about a survey you recently completed." mine was from a Dallas, Texas number 972 587 7278. Guy on the other line said the exact same thing to me. My wife and I each said the same thing, "I never took a survey. Ever." the response was they hung up. We didn't even know each other got this phone call until we were talking tonight. No idea where this call was going but we assume somewhere along the lines of collecting information. Be aware. Both our numbers are a 207 area code if that helps anyone pinpoint what is going on.

    8. Sergio says:

      You want to make some money

    9. Bradford says:

      Hank Sanseda 507 W Broadway Newton I 640-3745

    10. Keneth says:

      he is a retard and talks like one give him a call to see what me is talking about

    11. Mel says:

      every day no matter how i block it

    12. Lenny says:

      dont need him in my life....

    13. Lonny says:

      Horribly graphic picture of a woman covered in feces with her hand in her rear. I have no idea who sent this.

    14. Domenic says:

      Recorded message trying to sell me a home security system.

    15. Stanford says:

      Same for me. SPAM!!!! Texts me that I have been selected by BestBuy to win $1000. It asks me to visit a website and enter information.