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    1. Rhett says:


    2. Hayden says:

      Do NOT book. Claims she is new but has been using those exact same pictures since two years ago. She looks tired and older in person druggie and works with this other girl who is verified but she herself has NO reviews

    3. Bo says:

      I got a call from this number, 267-443-1023.. I answered, silent for 4 seconds then they hung up. No more calls.. but I have my suspicions.. I called back and a recording came on - then transferred me to an operator from some company BRS - debt collector - or a scammer.. not sure as they would not confirm the information. He continued to ask for a name of an individual who does not live in my house nor have they had my phone number. This is a debt collector company, they are evasive about their information so DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION AT ALL.

    4. Milan says:

      I was working and the lady said hi

    5. Lee says:

      Left no message, probably a phone sales scam.

    6. Virgil says:

      this girl keeps calling me and i dont know who she is she keeps texting me too and trying to say im her boyfriend i dont even know the girl im really tired of her is there any way i can block her number

    7. Drew says:

      keep trying to get me to buy some drugs to make my dick hard

    8. Vern says:

      I received a call 2 times from number. After the first voicemail I researched online and found out it wasn't legit.

    9. Henry says:

      Recieved unwanted call while at work.  This is a unsolicit company who wanted to talk about reducing my gas bill.  I hung up the phone.

    10. Logan says:

      i recieved call from 248-289-3854.and it was F.B.I agent and calling from investigation department.They had my bank account number, ip address, home address, SS#, D.O.B and personal information .i pay $1000.00 to him.

    11. Ismael says:

      This individual rena simmons, calls.n texts all day long, threatening,annoying intentionally and harrasses me. I want to press harassment charges.

    12. Reggie says:

      wants to know if an item I have up for sale is still available, even when my ad states if it's still listed, it's still available. wants me to email him at mattjackson945@gmail.com

    13. Gene says:

      Have gotten up to 4 calls in one day from this number. Nobody on the line when I answer.

    14. Hai says:

      Asked if i wanted to recieve $1500 from holidaysecureloan.com

    15. Trenton says:

      interferes With My Texts! Didn't Start til' Last Night