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    1. Ashley says:

      Got called from this number today. A woman (who actually spoke with no accent!) asked for the owner.  When I asked to take a message, she said she'd call another time and hung up.  Definitely a telemarketer. I dialed back the number but just got busy signals.  ReversePhoneDetective.com has the number listed to a Will Post in Woodhaven, MI.

    2. Adrian says:

      This number has called me 5 times in the last 48 hours.  I have never answered

    3. Jackson says:

      1 text that said:Message from User #42146: Hey, this is how I lost all that weight. 23 lbs in 5 weeks. I told you that herb was legit! bit.ly/19PxW7x

    4. Vaughn says:

      I received a call from this number at my job. They were being rude and making accusations I couldn't understand. I tried calling them back to see what this was all about and I was asked to put in a my card number. I want to know what is this and what is going on.

    5. Jonas says:

      A lady called from this number, I had hung up on her accidentally the first time - she's called 3 times to ask for our Engineer.  I put her thru to purchasing...and becuz he doensn't answer phone - she hangs up.  She was polite enough, but I never asked who she was.  Maybe I should do that if she calls a 4th time

    6. Kirk says:

      I've been getting calls from this number several times a day. Often when I pick up there's no one there. Today there was and I told her to stop calling. She wanted to argue. She also denied the call was coming from AL!

    7. Edwardo says:

      Called 7 time in 5 minutes.  VERY annoying

    8. Eugenio says:

      Just received call from this number.

    9. Ruben says:


    10. Connie says:

      This is the American Red Cross. Requesting blood donations.

    11. Timmy says:

      they been calling me i try to call back never answers dont know bout these guys i say scam

    12. Jules says:

      It's a Missouri telephone number, though. Sounds like they gave you a sham address.

    13. Earle says:

      Yea, this number just called me earlier today.  I made some light screaming type noises and told them I was in the bathroom and to call back later.  She said "oh" and hung up.

    14. Brady says:

      I have received dozens of text telling me I qualify for $1500 instantly.

    15. Wallace says:

      Wouldn't let me call back.