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    1. Ashley says:

      Got called from this number today. A woman (who actually spoke with no accent!) asked for the owner.  When I asked to take a message, she said she'd call another time and hung up.  Definitely a telemarketer. I dialed back the number but just got busy signals.  ReversePhoneDetective.com has the number listed to a Will Post in Woodhaven, MI.

    2. Adrian says:

      This number has called me 5 times in the last 48 hours.  I have never answered

    3. Jackson says:

      1 text that said:Message from User #42146: Hey, this is how I lost all that weight. 23 lbs in 5 weeks. I told you that herb was legit! bit.ly/19PxW7x

    4. Delmar says:

      Have you encountered a Scam Text Messages?

    5. Vaughn says:

      I received a call from this number at my job. They were being rude and making accusations I couldn't understand. I tried calling them back to see what this was all about and I was asked to put in a my card number. I want to know what is this and what is going on.

    6. Fidel says:

      yeah we got this exact email. It's totally some type of robot

    7. Jonas says:

      A lady called from this number, I had hung up on her accidentally the first time - she's called 3 times to ask for our Engineer.  I put her thru to purchasing...and becuz he doensn't answer phone - she hangs up.  She was polite enough, but I never asked who she was.  Maybe I should do that if she calls a 4th time

    8. Kasey says:

      No one talked when I answered.

    9. Kirk says:

      I've been getting calls from this number several times a day. Often when I pick up there's no one there. Today there was and I told her to stop calling. She wanted to argue. She also denied the call was coming from AL!

    10. Edwardo says:

      Called 7 time in 5 minutes.  VERY annoying

    11. Eugenio says:

      Just received call from this number.

    12. Jessie says:

      spam robo call hangs up, called 3 times in last 24 hours. claims to be meyer telemarketing

    13. Ruben says:


    14. Connie says:

      This is the American Red Cross. Requesting blood donations.

    15. Edmundo says:

      Received same message about my Visa card on my tmobile phone.  My wife is on verizon and is listed as the primary contact for our Visa card but did not receive any message.  We've checked our credit card statements and there is nothing unusual about them so I'd label this a scam.