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    1. Lawerence says:

      I've asked this company to not call me at my job and gave them my cell phone number to reach me; they continue to harass me at my job regardless of my request for them to stop it.

    2. Asa says:

      said his name was ronald smith from dea and needed to contact me regarding drug case asap.

    3. Terence says:

      don't answer under any circumstances

    4. Sherwood says:

      I got the same txt tonight and don't have the card and called that number and just an automated system so just repeated don't have one till it hung up.

    5. Tyree says:

      can you block this number please

    6. Rupert says:

      Caller calls won't leave msg and when I call back  no answer.

    7. Jay says:

      Anthony called me too and left his number to call back but didn't want to send me an email so I could verify his credentials. Scam

    8. Burton says:

      The numbers specialized funding calls comes from lists of people who apply for loans online.  All you have to do is call the company and ask them to remove your number. Thats what I did and never got another call. I cant believe in this day and age people are surprised by telemarketing calls

    9. Hector says:

      Very scary never call or anwser

    10. Hong says:

      Paul its not a marketing call its a collection call/ reminder to pay a bill. Putting your phone number here, which is not smart, would not remove your number from there list. Why? becuase they think you are a customer. You have to call them and correct it the right way.

    11. Merle says:

      Since Feb. 13th, on my cell phone I have received 15 texts and boiler room calls from this and other numbers, addressed to or asking to speak to Joseph.  Text show they have approved Joseph"s internet loan application and they offer to send $1,000 that day if he calls another phone number, or that a $250 gift card is ready.  When calls come in I try to explain no Joseph is here, but they disconnect.  

    12. Jeffry says:

      The wrong number keep calling my phone

    13. Del says:

      the person keep calling at 3am

    14. Jackie says:

      Same here. Called my unpublished number (that is on the DNC list). No message left on machine.

    15. Barton says:

      had a similar phone call as above. Asked me about credit card and when i said i didn't have one. he asked me my bra size and how big my boobs were.   the number was 112-333-4445