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    1. Johnathon says:

      First time they called no-one spoke to me when I answered.  I suspect their automated dialer called when all  of their sales staff were busy.

    2. Kendrick says:

      it belongs to a collection agency Recovery Resolutions

    3. Marcus says:

      No longer taking your calls

    4. Romeo says:

      I love getting calls from a Card Holders Services. I push 1 to talk to a representative. When a live person comes on, I tell him I am very interested, but could they hold on for a moment.

    5. Louie says:

      I got one from "Romeo" saying hi!

    6. Huey says:

      I am constantly getting calls from NORC U CHICAGO, they leave no message and hang up.  This time the Number os 312 201 6001.  Can you help this stop??

    7. Charley says:

      I got a lot of calls from #201-000-0000. The person said that he is the Windows representative and asked me to do some investigations to prevent  Windows crash.

    8. Colton says:

      called my cell phone, i didn't answer and they didn't leave message either. now i set this number on my phone to be on silent ring tone as an unwanted call.

    9. Shon says:

      Got a call from Ashley Schultz at about 4:30, sent it to voicemail, whoever it was didn't leave any kind of a message.

    10. Antione says:

      Text at 5:55 am, I replied with a couple choice words!

    11. Felix says:

      If anyone recieves a call from this number & its coming from a relay service hang up especially a business it is a scam the name they are using is johann smith acts like a waoman its a man he wants to place large carry out orders for food and wants you to run a creditcard right then uses the excuse hes out of town having surgery the next day. he email address he gives is johannsmith59@gmail.com

    12. Randell says:

      Don't respond to these calls. They want to get your name and address in order to steal your identity.

    13. Forest says:

      This was a robotic voice asking for a name. Hung up on it immediately. Then doing research, found it's a redirect number, so there's absolutely no idea who called. Here's the site: ranmagictel-dot-com-slash-accessnumber-dot-htmlLook for Denver, CO.

    14. Adam says:

      I received a call from a man saying my they were receiving error messages and warnings from my IP address on the server and that they need to fix the problem which is critical to the Operating System. Heavily accented and you never get the name of the company nor his name. I told him I could not get to my computer and would call him back. He gave me this number. This is a scam since (1) there is nothing wrong with my computer - and (2) neither a software nor hardware company will call you at home. This group is randomly going thru phone numbers and will change their scam based on who answers (young person vs old, etc)

    15. Marco says:

      Caller ID is Cnsumer RCH. Scam. The perps live in multimillion dollar homes and IRS says its a nonprofit. Wonder how much Holder is paid to protect them.