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    1. Gregorio says:

      I just got a call from this # and when I answered there was a click then dial tone.  I am pretty sure that I have gotten calls from this # before like this.  I get the feeling that someone is trying to get info on when someone is home.

    2. Abel says:

      Firstly,my hope is that something will be done to this WEST to stop the persistent calling on behalf of all those affected. Otherwise,our report just don't mean athing. I'm going to contact my phone company to find what they can do to solve my problem. I hope we all do the same thing to get rid of this parasite!So help us God.

    3. Walker says:

      This is S.J. Packman & Associates which is a law firm specializing in consumer debt issues.  

    4. Oren says:

      Could not return call..must be robo call

    5. Columbus says:

      No one is there for quite a while, after my third or 4th Hello, a recoded voice says, "Goodbye" & hangs up. They've called here a few times in the last couple of days.

    6. Rayford says:

      They call everyday all day and never say anything.

    7. Dewitt says:

      I did too did you find out who it is?

    8. Damian says:

      This number called a friend's mobile phone (Telus) on Feb 16th and then called my phone Feb 17th at 3:03PM MST and I'm on the Rogers network. What the heck is this about? I refuse to answer weird numbers. No voicemail was left. When my friend answered it there was nothing on the otherline. Then today someone called my mobile phone from 416-000-3149. Related numbers maybe?

    9. Carl says:

      Got 5 calls from this number. Im in NYC area. There was a kid mumbling and nothing more. Have no one at the Ohio region to get call from this area code

    10. Harvey says:

      Didn't answer...keep calling

    11. Buddy says:

      Spokeo website say this comes from Inc Barlett

    12. Sam says:

      please try my college¡ is BS

    13. Dirk says:

      recieved an unsolicited call

    14. Johnathan says:

      I was received one or two calls per day from this number. Now I'm receiving upwards of ten. No one talks when I answer; no one leaves a message. Tracing the call tells me the number could not be connected. I have filed a report with my local police department, not that I think they can immediately do anything, but I encourage others to do the same, since it would help establish a need to investigate, and a pattern.

    15. Alfred says:

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