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    1. Stewart says:

      Received same message as Melissa - on my work pager.

    2. Junior says:

      number keeps calling --when I try to return the call, it is busy

    3. Donald says:

      Having a hard time paying your Mortgage? Need help lowering your Mortgage Payment?Get an Interest rate as low as 2 Fixed if so reply Help to Opt out reply Stop.

    4. Garrett says:

      Nasty woman who threatens you when you answer the phone. She is not stable.

    5. Gail says:

      They keep calling and I keep on ignoring

    6. Kareem says:

      dont want him calling or texting me

    7. Phillip says:

      doesnt leave me alone . harasses me . texts me inapropiate sexual things

    8. Frederick says:

      This number called and some dumb a$$ guy started to pitch me on a movie deal. He just used a lot of generalities then asked if could handle a 50k investmen for a 10x return. At that point i confirmed I'm an accredited investor and started asking him if his company was licensed and registered with FINRA. He had no clue how to answer that question. When I asked if he had any license to solicit private placement investments he said he didn't and was new. He then asked if I was infront of a computer so I could speak tothe executive producer who could anwser my questions and help get me involved. I wasn't near one so I agreed to take a call from him later. I should probably let who ever is reading this know I'm a licensed broker who sells high risk high reward investments and I know the ins and outs of how real companies go about conducting their business. A couple hours later the producer calls from an unknown number and goes straight for qualifying then starts to insult me on my age with out giving any benefits to his investment. After I tell him I cab handled the money and risk I shared with him that I was a FINRA regester broker and he hung up. SCAM

    9. Pete says:

      I too have just recently switch to time warner cable

    10. Broderick says:

      Google or google scammers either way this is spam!

    11. Harvey says:

      Like the others,  receiving calls no vmail

    12. Palmer says:

      it keeps calling over and over and i dnt want him to

    13. Bradford says:

      They just called at 6:35 EST. Don't know how they got my number. is there a way to block them or stop the calls? I've only received oone call so far, but I don't want to be bothered by this. Thoughts?

    14. Gaylord says:

      Funny but I don't know anyone who is not on their calling list.

    15. Jake says:

      Received call about 4:45 p.m. central standard time