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    1. Hubert says:

      Not sure. Calls often without a message.

    2. Bill says:

      called business phone spam call hung up with no message

    3. Jc says:

      Got to work yesterday and was told I had a message with this phone number. Was told his name was Oscar Ortiz. I got home from work and had a message on my phone and it was this Oscar Ortiz. Clearly he had a foreign accent but not a latin accent like the name would suggest. He spoke slowly like he was reading a script and since I have had several scam calls, it was the exact same message as I have had before. I gather all the info I can find and turn them into my attorney general.

    4. Edwin says:

      yipes fraud fraud. they called my wifes phone. she just arrived from china. they called her dirty names and stated they would report her to immigration for not paying loan on a car which she has no loans yet. She is stilling learnining english so they must have assumed that she is new to usa. she was crying after phone call.

    5. Hugo says:

      Several calls same day, no voicemail.  Must be solicitor or recorded advertising.

    6. Derek says:

      beware of warren edward he is a clone identity he is trying to cone people with the above legit informations

    7. Nathaniel says:

      something todo with house break ins

    8. Leroy says:

      Who's this? U sent me another pic txt

    9. Javier says:

      Same as above...tried to answer...heard noise in background...said "hello" 3x...then muted so I could hear more clearly...finally a voice came on to say hello as I was hanging up.

    10. Jewell says:

      Company looking to consolidate loansUsing that majic jack phone line ...

    11. Collin says:

      make money by being stupid

    12. Genaro says:

      Edward Jones, Missouri stocks

    13. Owen says:

      I am from Alabama and I got a call from this number. It said Get Out on the caller i.d but I didn't get to the phone in time to answer.

    14. Nick says:

      has called me 3 times back to back

    15. Rocco says:

      Call received 12:35 on Wednesday, Aug. 6.  No one responded when I answered the phone.