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    1. Benton says:

      These losers call relentlessly and never leave a message. I'm going to answer the next time they call and let them know what I think about their inconsideration.

    2. Alphonse says:

      says they give school grants. spam

    3. Coleman says:

      Received a call from Robert Goffee on June 3, 2013 from phone number 248-817-2644 asking me to come in for an interview or a special presentation at 613 E. Big Beaver Rd. Troy, MI. I work in sales so I tried to dig this guy for as much information. He wouldn't even discuss pay or the job description over the phone. The information I did get from him lead me to this site. Definitely a scam. Calling people and begging them to work for you or begging for interviews shows it is a MLM company. In this day and age you have to fight for a job. Good luck Mr. Goffee.

    4. Lincoln says:

      The above was the text message I received on my phone.

    5. Sang says:

      Left a message in Spanish. I didn't answer.

    6. Jonathan says:

      I received a text. It's spam from a dating website.

    7. Mark says:

      Recieved call about starting home business. Never have I inquired about starting home business. Caller had trouble saying my name and talked real fast. Finally told them I was not interested and to take my name and number off their list and to not call again

    8. Coy says:

      I know who 315-290-3090 is. It is a company making appointment calls for Direct Buy (probably only for the one in Syracuse). They called, left no message, I tried calling back, no answer. My guess is that their system does not allow incoming calls. They called back later. When I answered, a woman told me that she was from Direct Buy in Syracuse and that she wanted to confirm the appointment I had made which I had done while at the Publisher's Clearing House site.

    9. Dominique says:

      Got a call in MD about them wanting to buy a house in FL-when asked how they got my MD number they gave a nebulous answer "from a list"....

    10. Andy says:

      Hello I keep getting phone calls from them too when they leave a message they don't state what company they are and they don't say who they are calling for...if u answer when they call it says that all the representative are busy and will be with u in a moment but then after waiting for someone to pick up they just hang up

    11. Rico says:

      Text saying you have been choosen to receive a apple computer.

    12. Chuck says:

      FThere is noone on the other end, only like a beep and then it hangs up after a few seconds. I have called the number back and I get a recording that that no is disconnected!

    13. Gonzalo says:

      Same as above. I actually did speak to the person that claimed they were from CIO magazine and told them to cancel my subscription. They wanted me to complete a survey.

    14. Merrill says:

      Universal Life Church Headquarters

    15. Ahmad says:

      Computer gathers ur number and they bug u all day