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    1. Abraham says:

      They are phone marketing spammers for medical products... If you press #1 their automated Prompt says it will put your number on a "do not call list".

    2. Jimmie says:

      Calls multiple times every day. Nomorobo hasn't intercepted it yet.

    3. Domingo says:

      Got call today 7/6/2012. Collect call from the Allen County Jail.

    4. Saul says:

      Beware of local calling card company some of them are spammers!

    5. Forest says:

      I think definitely a scam! I got a call from this number and they claimed to be from the "Child Hope Foundation" which had to do with cyber bullying (the only Child Hope Foundation I could find via Google was related to abuse and homelessness) and they claimed I had given them a $100 donation last year and were wanting me to give again. Other than my church, I don't know that I've every donated $100 to any one charity at a time. I politetly declined, but I'm pretty sure it was a phishing expedition!

    6. Harold says:

      Spam text about car dealerships

    7. Maynard says:

      Robo dialer for one of those bogus "free" cruise ship ticket offers.

    8. Courtney says:

      Some guy breathing heavy and using foul language

    9. Jonathan says:

      gets text messages and calls very often from this number

    10. Kennith says:

      The number 209-224-0304 is The University of Phoenix.

    11. Kieth says:

      This is an Indian call center.  He asked for my wife but had called my cell phone.  Hearing the call center in the background and the fact that he had a thick Indian accent I wasn't about to give him my wife's number.  He said he was from the Medical Compensation Department.  I said fine, what is the name of the company.  Again, "medical compensation department".  I said "that's a department, what is the company name?"  Then he took on an attitude "oh my gawd".  I cussed him out and hung up.  

    12. Cedrick says:


    13. Shelby says:

      I've been getting calls from them, but they don't leave a message. Good to know it's Wells Fargo. But annoying nonetheless.

    14. German says:

      This phone number is a hoax! Don't fall for it! They'er very good at this. I was falling for the grant at frist. Untill, they ask for my bank account number. She, who really sound like a he, didn't give me " shem " name. I ask if I could call back to comfirm. She wouldn't would like the grant go through,if I did that. I said... " for my safty, let me call you back and, I will dial your extention. So, she hang up. Now! what does that tell ya.

    15. Weldon says:

      Got call this afternoon 1/4/08, guy asked for my wife, wanted to talk about our mortgage, she isn't listed on the deed.  I could hear my responses on the line, so it must have been a routed call from overseas.  I told him he was an idiot and hung up.  He call back and cursed me out.