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    1. Bradly says:

      i got a call from this number twice.a** immediate as i pick the phone it is ended.I dont understand cause nehind it.hope could be revealed soon

    2. Jayson says:

      dont ever forgive and forget

    3. Sandy says:

      A rather excited fellow called about a supposed recent survey I took online. He wanted to tell me about the job opportunities available. These people need to be shut down. I don't know what their game is but it's mallicious whatever it is.

    4. Lonnie says:

      This has to be a scam.  I think they are contracted by pay-per-minute phone companies to call to force people to use their minutes.  This has nothing to do with student loans.

    5. Ambrose says:

      They keep on calling and I call and they hang up........

    6. Spencer says:

      told me to message them on yahoo....

    7. Columbus says:

      That's terrible!!! Spam will still bug the hell out of u even if they have the wrong number!!!!

    8. Clemente says:

      Lookin for someone else...

    9. Franklyn says:

      Through this, I found out who called me seven times yesterday. Creepy stalkers!

    10. Huey says:

      Please call to claim $100 dollars

    11. Walton says:

      The suck....bug day and night!

    12. Samual says:

      Czar marketing inc. Its a scam about hiring you as a manager with advancement. What you really do is try to sell direct tv to customers at best buy or sams club and the other job is hanging out at a gas station or car wash trying to find customers to fix their windshields. You are paid on comission and not guarenteed how much they offer you at the interview. They call you in for your second interview to shadow someone but they take you to sams club or best buy and actually try to get you to sell direct tv. Worst company to work for. Everyone who might be interested in this job beware!!!!!

    13. Garret says:

      Just keep calling us, and no one on the other side.

    14. Emmanuel says:

      Lol. I know who this is. Hahaha

    15. Claud says:

      Telemarketer explained that I had won $100 dollars all they needed was my credit card number. I explained that I was not interested to take my name off the list. From that point on they called me every hour on the hour for 3 days. They need to be fined,sued or put in jail. Maybe this would discourage maketing companies from harrassing individuals.