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    1. Son says:

      These company always calls, but you cannot get real person, and when you do they hang up. I have also used the 3 not to receive any more calls. I hope someone gets this lowlife scam outfit removed.

    2. Stuart says:

      256-665-9342 shows up on my phone as "local caller". I have no clue who this is but they need to quit calling.

    3. Eugene says:

      Collage or something like that yet I've never given out my number foyer collage

    4. Vince says:

      Ive been receiving constant calls from an unknown number. I wanna know who's behind this.

    5. Eduardo says:

      Got a call from this number today, but did not pick up.

    6. Freddy says:

      Caller ID says "Private Name", and I didn't pick up.  I thought it was just someone dialing the wrong number, but I got another hang up call from them the next day.  You don't call a wrong number twice.

    7. Felton says:

      well well well, they called back within the hour of the original call, a few days later!! had company so I could'nt get "down to buisness" this time there WAS someone on the line! Suprise Surprise, trying to sell me a long distance plan. Asked for me...told him I was'nt available... asked for the person responsible for making dicisions for the phone number so I said "no" he said, "pardon me?", I said " I said no, we're not interesterd. he said "when can I call back, I've got great savings on Primus long distance" I said, "never" he sounded so sad. I'll miss him.

    8. Bennett says:

      By the way your address is 8405 E. COVINGTON DR  COTTONDALE, ALABAMA 35453!!   Maybe you won't get your address confuse like you do your phone number,

    9. Jesus says:

      Calls and just sit on the phone

    10. Adolfo says:

      Stop calling me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    11. Samual says:

      They just called me and said they were from US Social Security

    12. Andrew says:

      I just got a call from this scam also, I got rid of all my Microsoft products a few years ago.

    13. Galen says:

      This number comes up on my phone as 1-403-001-201. So odd. And really annoying.

    14. Luciano says:

      University of Phoenix. They use this line to contact you if you have ever inquired about U of P online.

    15. Delmer says:

      This number,202-380-9014,my Father has received a couple of calls from this number and it shows up as ACCATel, which I found out is an international phone service Company, "keeping people connected around the world."Here's a new twist for you~the man who called today, claimed he was with the Sweepstakes Fraud Commission and was collecting info on any possible fraudulent activites we may have experienced. My Father had recently been harrassed severely by the Jamaican Scammers and we had to change our number to private/unlisted. So---how did he get the number???