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    1. Mohammed says:

      Real tired of these calls

    2. Rudy says:

      I feel so satisfied every time I see thay my phone automatically blocked these loozerz!

    3. Jonah says:

      Solicitor automated selling life insurance

    4. Duncan says:

      Trying to sell gift cards ask not to call

    5. Efren says:


    6. Ron says:

      Recording saying I won a trip

    7. Will says:

      This number has appeared on my cell phone several times and I finaly called it back.  The man who answered said it was his brother's phone, and wouldn't give me any more information.  He also said his brother probably acccidently called my phone.  When I told him the number has appeared repeatedly, he had no explanation, and he ended our conversation.

    8. Santos says:

      the jerk tried the same scam on us several times and wanted us to send dollars as a post bond, some kind of FDA sting he claims. He quickly hung up when I advised him that I contacted the FBI and the FDA the last time he tried to extort money for fake legal claims.

    9. Kenton says:

      Missed call day of rental house cleaning bids

    10. Warren says:

      Recorded message saying I have not updated my business listing with Google.

    11. Major says:

      an obvious oriental sounding woman

    12. Drew says:

      Got a call 11am this morning.  Saw the obviously spoofed CID and let the machine pick up.  Recorded the tail end of a robot lady saying "press x to remove your number from our list"

    13. Dante says:

      i get between three to four a day from 240-318-1524 caller name on caller ismedical help.don't no what they want.

    14. Dino says:

      receive numerous calls caller id says "support center" i would think someone calling on behalf of texas state troopers would have DPS on caller id or lik e poster abovem state of texas...

    15. Kory says:

      A person called my number from this phone number and asked for my 13 year old son, I did not disclose the age of my son so that I can get as much information from the caller, he said my son had just contacted him requesting information for advanced education at some University, he was quite evasive and did not want to disclose the name of the school that he represented, I asked how he got my phone number and he said my son had just provided that number minutes ago online, I told him my son was in school right at that moment in his jazz band practice, I knew exactly that he had no access to computers and furthermore my son was 13 years old, he immediately hanged up on me, I attempted to call back and got someone else who told me that all their phone calls were made on a request basis on line from people over 18 years old who have allready graduated from high school, he would not comment further......