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    1. Efrain says:

      My mother got a call from this agency FOCUS. She has NO DEBT that warrants a collection agency to call.   This phone call is for another person....NOT my mother.   How do they get phone numbers that belong entirely to someone else?   The person who evidently owes money does not and never has lived with my mother.  How do we stop the unjust harrassment?  If we don't know the location or phone number of the person they are looking for.....how does this stop.   I call this harassment !  the guy told my mom that he cannot take HER number off till he got another.     SAD to HARASS the ELDERLY!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Jamie says:

      We keep receiving calls that my spouse has two civil complaints against him in our county. This is getting ridiculous we receive calls at home and work. I wish they stop--I will be doing some research to find out whom these people are. Before these calls started, my spouse received an email that he needs to pick up a Fedex package. When he didn't respond, the calls started. I don't know how they received his info.

    3. Marlon says:

      need to find out who this is

    4. Rodney says:

      Hope this is going to the right girl.... If you are Jen. Let me know if I made it through

    5. Kyle says:

      Survey for Indiana dept of health.

    6. Mikel says:

      i got a call from this man.  he said he worked for mcirosoft.  same number but he said his name was mark wilson.  i noticed they used that last name before.

    7. Keneth says:

      Worst guy to date. Hangs out with teenagers and gets them high. Believed to be a stalker

    8. Norberto says:

      Indian guy that barely speaks english calling with threats of fake legal action.

    9. Rufus says:

      I don't know who this person is and when i call back it hangs up so i would like this number blocked

    10. Olin says:

      one text. inappropriate things

    11. Margarito says:

      this number called my job over seven times in one day telling them that I was going to be arrested because I had a warrant out for me for fraud and they harrassed my co workers so I had to call the police department and one of the police officer called thrm and told them do not call any more and if they had a warrant why they dont have it so they stopped calling for about a month and they started back later!

    12. Jerrell says:

      Calling and texting non stop

    13. Gilberto says:

      Fake call from DEA. Trying to extort money.

    14. Margarito says:

      Called in, nothing for about 5 seconds, I hung up. War Dialer didn't get me to a rep in time.

    15. Palmer says:

      This is SOS. Is the IRS harassing you because you owe back taxes? Blah blah blah.... Press 1 now for a free tax consultation.