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    1. Jayson says:

      3 calls today. no answer when i pick up, hang sup after a few seconds. when i call back message says number is disconnected.

    2. Ashley says:

      Same as george w and skrip.  Im thinking it is a fishing call.

    3. Jess says:

      Craiglist scam. Wanted to use PayPal. Used email dorawoodphillip@gmail.com. Beware!

    4. Kenny says:

      The caller hung up before I could get to the phone and they didn't leave a voice message.  I looked it up online and 202 is Washington, DC.  A person on another Website said the number belongs to the Department of Justice, while someone else said it was a telemarketer.

    5. Cecil says:

      On 22.02.09 I was billed with the amount of CHF 37.--

    6. Scot says:

      this # has been calling me relentlessly. I answered once and whoever it was just hung up on me. they still call me several tines a day.

    7. Linwood says:

      Credit services to lower interest rate.

    8. Gino says:

      I received a call from this number on my cell phone.  The caller identified themselves as Mika (mee-ka) and tried to make casual conversation with me about how things were going "at the hospital".  This has no meaning or significance to me.  When I asked what this was all about they hung up on me.

    9. Les says:

      called back and they asked if I received a missed call from them. No company name introduction. the person on the other line said "us" not me. sooooooo who knows what they heck they could be.

    10. Myles says:

      I received a call from this number and didn't answer. The caller didn't leave a message.

    11. Booker says:

      This is an ad for automated voice mail to make money at home. This company constantly calls my cell phone.

    12. Cleo says:

      this number called a few times this morning i called it back ... and the guy on the phone knew my name...and offered some air duct cleaning service or somthing...i dont know why...because i dont have air ducts.

    13. Dion says:

      Block text messages and incoming calls

    14. Garry says:

      It is some sort of discount pharmacy card

    15. Armando says:

      Calls three times in a row.