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    1. Elbert says:

      I pledged $20 to the Sheriff Dept but they wanted it mailed within 7 days and I did not mail it until 14 days later they are still calling me. They do ask for me but are told I am not there and they hang up. I am sick of this and will have my number unlisted. I did a *69 and got this number but it is always busy.

    2. Fermin says:

      Rec'd 2 texts from these mental midgets......logging date and time and will forward documantation to Ohio Attorney General office for investigation and possible fines for unwanted spam

    3. Modesto says:

      I wish these assholes would stop calling!!!!!

    4. Lazaro says:

      Received this text at 4:25 am:You have been chosen to Test & Keep the Ipad 3 for free with free shipping. Goto Http://ipad3tests.com . Enter: 2568 on 3rd page. You have up to 24 hours

    5. Bryon says:

      I don't want him to be able to text or call my phone

    6. Barry says:

      Hello! We hope you enjoy all the possibilities with your new phone. Thanks for choosing AT&T.

    7. Rogelio says:

      Research firm looking for investments

    8. Preston says:

      this guy called me today 03.29.2013. said he was a chris from texas. wanted to money order off of craigslist. definitely a scammer.

    9. Alfredo says:

      I just received a call from this number, they didn't say anything when I answered the phone.  So much for the "Do Not Call Register", they still get cell phone numbers and continually call to aggravate people.  It's the first time from this number, but I have gotten calls from other numbers I don't know.

    10. Harlan says:

      I do not.answer this call

    11. Mohammed says:

      a recording about joining a live conference call.

    12. Spencer says:

      In a matter of two days this number has appeared on my caller ID 8 times.  Most of the time I did not answer the phone.  I live in Maryland and do not even know anyone in Florida.  The 2 times that I did answer I got hung up on.  Why keep bothering if you are going to hang up.  And if the call doesn't get answered they need to take the hint.

    13. Hugo says:

      received call today from this number with no VM. shows as unknown. Left no message.

    14. Diego says:

      they never leave a messages

    15. Gerard says:

      Tried to get location, last name, and pictures from a minor.