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    1. Benedict says:

      We don't play in 602 we kill use our dick to fill make you pay the bill boo...stay puckerd dawwg

    2. Erick says:

      It makes no sense that he cancelled your credit card. He has helped us twice now. And no credit card is even asked for. He sends you the confirmation # before you even pay. In both of our cases, we changed the seats and then paid directly into his account with BofA. I took a photo and sent him the attachment to confirm the payment and for our records as well. As my request, he sent the confirmation on an email as well. We had both email and text proof of confirmation and payment.

    3. Basil says:

      In addition,I just called my phone company who advised that this is absolutely a scam!  Even if you call the 800 number back, you are likely to get charges.  I was advised to dial *73 to log the account of the scam call so I can dispute the charges. This is just unbelievable. I also have to go online to FTC.gov.  

    4. Santos says:

      called them back on another line to find out that they are Delbert Services/Cash Call

    5. Manual says:

      Indicated I had requested info, not correct

    6. Wilbert says:

      Made offer about credit cards an student loans

    7. Antwan says:

      hi i really need to know who this land line belongs to could you give me any help

    8. Matt says:

      credit card processing crap

    9. Darrin says:

      Albany times union newspaper's telemarketer .

    10. Gary says:

      Texting when i dont know thos person

    11. Frederick says:

      this f**got is telling me to resolve this situation within 30min and to go to cvs to get a pay card with the amount of 500.00....before he file lawsuit paperwork and get me arrested at my work.....can he do that? At first i was scared untill i called my lawyers and he told me he can't, its a scam...but i'm still nervous...about to delete my email address and make a new one....he have my last four digit of my social security number.....stupid abu!!!!!

    12. Rubin says:

      This number called me,  and some Indian, who barely spoke English, gave me his line of crap.  I told him to send me the paperwork, and I'll pass it on to my attorney.  He said, "f*ck you!" and hung up.

    13. Abel says:

      A woman with middle eastern accent called from the DC area, asked for me by name and hung up when I said "yes...?" She left long pauses as if she was waiting for time to have me on the line a certain amount.

    14. Joel says:

      Called my google voice #. I tend to think this was a spam call since I don't use the number those are the only calls it gets.

    15. Haywood says:

      Marketing. Captain Asshole. So sick of this company. They keep using different numbers.