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    1. Michal says:

      Yeah I get multiple calls per day fromt his number.  It is a spoof number, it says disconnected when you try to call it.  I listened to the sales pitch, and said press 1 to hear more, press 5 to be removed. I pressed 5 and guess what?  I wasnt removed. I still get these calls everyday.  SO next time im pressing 1 and IM going to hopefully talk to a live person and find who it is and file with the FCC and the FTC.

    2. Clint says:

      Yep, just got a call from them. They claimed that my vehicle's extended warranty had expired, and that I needed to pay them $350 over the phone right this moment to keep the policy active. I hung up on them after I told them the paperwork I have shows that my warranty expires in 2014.

    3. Duncan says:

      Advertisment won't leave me alone

    4. Valentin says:

      The same POS called me today.  Said he was calling for his brother (last name Wilson) who lives "down the street across Broadway".  Said the company is called "Level One" construction.

    5. Carey says:

      They want personal inf such as social security because they offered job opportunity but is spam spam spam

    6. Colton says:

      Claimed to be from "your credit card company"  to talk to me about lowering my rates on "your current credit card"  and warned me that "your eligibility is about to expire"

    7. Irvin says:

      This is a collection agency and they also use the number 210-227-5081.

    8. Columbus says:

      These forums are strictly for call recipients to share their findings. You are NOT in direct contact with the source of your call or text message. By the way, you did not win any stupid retailer contest from Best Buy, Wal-Mart, or anyplace else. It's a fraud and there is plenty of discussion on this site telling you so.

    9. Claud says:

      I too got a call, picked it up but no response from the other end.

    10. Edward says:

      Now I am not answering calls from this number and I got a voice mail saying:  "I am really going to kill you, I am really going to kill you, I am really going to kill you, I am really going to kill you, you stupid Christian Catholic!."  I am calling the police!

    11. Deon says:

      They call me 2+ times everyday to every other day then they will take a break and start up again. They ask for a KEVIN and when ever I try to talk they hang up on me. There is NO Kevin and I am TIRED of these calls

    12. Jarrett says:

      I have phone service through my cable company and I have had more unwanted calls since using my cable company

    13. Jere says:

      They asked for me by my name, I said yes, did not understand what they said, then they just hanged up . that was it. Call about every day.

    14. Donnell says:

      ANY company can become accredited by the BBB as it is a private company and charges for this so called accreditation. The BBB is NOT affiliated nor endorsed by any governmental agency.

    15. Mariano says:

      Its the local newspaper....I get these calls 3 times a day.