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    1. Jarrett says:

      This same number called but I didn't answer. Never seen a number like this before. No name on ID but has a 0 in the lower left side of caller ID.

    2. Ernest says:

      i dont no them n they r playing on my phone

    3. Alfred says:

      keeps calling and no one is on the line.

    4. Tyson says:

      Received two calls from this number in three days. I did tell the caller that I would not like to be called again, but obviously they don't care about that and keep calling. I would like report this number if I receive another call from it.  BTW, I never told anyone else my number except my wife.

    5. Cletus says:

      this number 239-822-1238 calls and same old man answers and states no i did nt call so i called back from work phone dept. of corrections its funny how the 239-822 and the exact time comes up will report this to the FTC. and file a report.

    6. Bryon says:

      Why would anyone do business with a firm calling from an obvious scam company that doesn't even have a legit phone number? LOL A-holes

    7. Heath says:

      Thank God Cliff provided this info.  I just moved to Austin.  The TSTA called me when I lived in Houston.  Whenever I (foolishly) answered, there was always a very stern, drill sergeant sounding voice obviously on a speakerphone and it got my attention.  Then you could hear a "forced volunteer" reading from a script about fatherless families and brave men. I interrupted and asked if he was soliciting money.  He dodged the question, but later asked, "How much would like to give?  Would $25 be too much?"...... I said to put me on their "do not call list", but I see now that they are exempt.  I hate it when authority figures try to squeeze money out of you, leaving you with thought "what if they know my address and license tag number?" ...  I have always donated generously to law enforcement support groups (100 Club in Houston), but it has come from my heart, not my fear.   These people need to change their tactics or be open to lawsuits.

    8. Neville says:

      I have also received calls from this number.  They said I entered a sweepstakes and was in the running for $25,000.  When I asked how I was entered they said it was through my credit card and that they had a few survey questions for me.  They asked if I was married, single, or divorced and then my age bracket.  When I ansered the age question she made a big deal out of how young I sounded and asked when I graduated.  I told her I was skeptical about answering her questions.  She said thanks and hung up.  I recommend not answering calls from this number.

    9. Von says:

      Went on for 1/2 hour. Tried caliing them and the number is unreachable

    10. Enoch says:

      15160087006 -- beware of computer malware scammers!

    11. Ricky says:

      Have been receiving numerous annoying phone calls for days from this number.  They do not leave a message.  My caller ID says "Telesight Inc.".  I am registered with DNC.  I feel that if it really is important they would've left a voice message by now.  If it's really important, they will now have to contact me by mail because I have since blocked them from my phone.

    12. Al says:

      The person named by gary smith he had just call of me and he was telling me that my loan application is aproved by california advance america... where the hell is that company.... he evan dont know about my account number and routing number... telling me to pay money upfront..

    13. Mary says:

      recieved a call saying it was the NAB and requested my birth details

    14. Claud says:

      Verizon Wireless Financial Services

    15. Joe says:

      Debt collectors harrassing me over debt allegedly owed by someone I have never heard of. They provide no contact details other than a number leading to a robot that demands my SSN, and there is no way to tell them that they have the wrong number.