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    1. Jason says:

      Received text message on my NON-TEXTING cell phone.

    2. Keneth says:

      They just called my job AGAIN, I recorded the conversation on our digital phone system. They threatened to show up at my house tomorrow morning to arrest me. I contacted the BBB, FTC, FBI and local police.

    3. Bradly says:

      most unknown numbers across the board are 3rd party collections or like this call here pretending

    4. Antonia says:

      They call non stop! I have like 6 missed calls from them.

    5. Preston says:

      Did you find out who that was? BTW, I too got a call from this number.

    6. Frank says:

      I received a call from this number (304)981-2335 today.. I didn't answer, no voicemail was left. Just thought I'd post since it was random and it seems I'm not the only one.. I'm in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

    7. Lloyd says:

      credit collection agency

    8. Sandy says:

      Called asking for owner, when told she was unavailable, hung up.

    9. Brice says:

      Same "Sean" called me...saying that I took out loans which I never had taken out..He threatened if I didnt pay that law enforcment will be on their way to take me down..for fraud and deception. Some things sounded professional , however there was alot of slang and jargon. The truth is here folks is when you apply on certain applications, some of them are scam central that release your information to pretty much a huge porthole to much of the BS like this you would encounter...so ignore this and record and numbers and names you would get. Yes, I did apply to some payday applications, but never got approved or the funds soo...I know this is BS...be careful on any info you may blab out of nervousness or anger, for they will use this and quickly make up a story . The number came in unknown but left a message on my work with the above number...when I called them back...they just said Hello or can I help you...never a business name very unprofessional.

    10. Chris says:

      Recorded message saying this call is for Gabriel Mendoza. If this is not Gabriel Mendoza hang up.

    11. Arturo says:

      calling place of business claiming to be from a law firm. calling every 2 minutes to either hang up or cuss out employees

    12. Nickolas says:

      he is a stalker n wanna scare me.

    13. Fausto says:

      They call but don't leave a message.  Losers.

    14. Gale says:

      210-2102100  A Texas call...today august 28, 2008 at 11:03AM from this number. Happilly I have the caller ID box and even though it reads "unavailable" for  caller's name, I can see the phone number and with this help, internet and website, I know that I did not miss any important call since I WILL PICK UP THE PHONE FOR UNWANTED CALLS. I DO APPRECIATE YOUR HELP! GOD BLESS YOU!!

    15. Ward says:

      I keep on receiving a call from this number since April, the caller does not leave a voice message. When I answered, it was a recorded message to call their office number