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    1. Wallace says:

      wish i could fine these people

    2. Al says:

      I'm get calls @2:00 am Fax machine . Not happy at this hour of the moprninh

    3. Antone says:

      Someone speaking Spanish. Repeated calls.

    4. Damien says:

      Stop these unwanted calls or leave a message so i know who i'm ignoring.  Even on the DO NO CALL list you continue to call.  THESE MUST STOP>

    5. Florentino says:

      I have receiving a call from this number for so long now. No one talks when I pick up. I called back and got a message saying the number was disconnected.

    6. Boris says:

      don't want to receive calls or TeX's

    7. Dewayne says:

      This is a generic outgoing line for Wilford Hall / Bamc (which comes up on CID as BMAC because the phone company has it wrong).  it is not being abused for the most part it is people reminding you of apts or test results- it could also be a friend or someone who works at lackland or fort sam houston calling you-  like someone said there is a generic outgoing line.  no matter who calls me from FSH its 221-1111 and always says 'bmac' no matter where on post it is- same thing with wilford hall it always comes up as MCCA BIM M PHONE on CID with the above number.  by law they cant leave certain info on a machine- if its just an apt reminder they can but anything else they need to talk to you.  call 916-9900 (CAMO) they will be able to tell you if someone just tried to call you - hope this helps :)

    8. Chet says:

      I just want the mofo to quit calling me.

    9. Britt says:

      Sms spam about buying junk cars.

    10. Ira says:

      phones not working right bro at Verizon for just a min

    11. Arnoldo says:

      Just received a call from this # and they refused to state who they were or the reason for their call.  They just needed to speak to the owners.  They are not currently in, besides it is my job to screen calls to keep them from getting unnecessary calls.  He then called me a "chump" and hung up.  When I tried to find out who the call was coming from ( caller ID said ARC Media ) and the Austin TX number is listed as an unlisted land line.

    12. Shelby says:

      Called said they were a law firm an I needed to call back asap with a file #, but did not say what law firm & you could hear about 2 or 3 others in the back ground with the same script... I smell BS

    13. Reed says:

      I have a work cell phone and am not sure who this number belongs to that was trying to contact me, they don't leave a message, even though they call numerous times in a day. I have just recently gotten an android phone and these calls did not start to occur until I switched to my new phone.....not sure if that has anything to do with it or not..... Our company has over 200 cell phones that are one the same business account and my number has been the same for quite some time.

    14. Rashad says:

      This was a very interesting call that said press 1 for Microsoft support and that was the only option given then the rep with an accent kept telling me that my computer was sending errors to the windows server..... I asked them how they got my number as I'm not register with windows with my cell phone... he said someone must have registered my number... then proceed to tell me my internet explorer is having errors that are not showing up in the event log. I proceed to ask him which computer it was sending g the errors he could not provide the IP or computer name or any hardware specs....the 2 windows pc no longer have ie installed ( to much a security risk) he had the adasity to tell me that it is impossible to remove internet explorer.. because it immediately reinstalls.... Lol I thought I would share because coming from me a PC repair technition this call was very amusing and definitely Dont waste your money or give them access to your computer!!!

    15. Theron says:

      I have recieved a call from this number 3 days in a row all around 12:00 pm. Today I called the number back and when the guy answered he immediately knew my name. He said his name was James and he was a student advisor at Central College. I told him to stop calling me. He said he would, so I guess we'll see at 12 tomorrow if I get a call.