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    1. Trinidad says:

      Did you get a call or text from (209) 732-5659? F&M B WNTC alert 747968SPAM

    2. Wade says:

      Not spam. Carnival Cruiselines. They only call if you offered them your info.

    3. Rodolfo says:

      don't want this number to call nomore

    4. Armando says:

      just got two missed calls from this number at 2 a.m. one right after the other. now i know why i leave my cell on silent. found this site in the morning and felt the need to add a comment.

    5. Aron says:

      Got this call from my daughter and I don't trust her to be where she says she is.

    6. Harlan says:

      this number has called 3 times in one day, for the last 3 days

    7. Carmine says:

      I have heard about a warranty scam scouring the residents north of Calgary.  People with warranties running out are vulnerable

    8. Houston says:

      caller ID "XXXXXXXXXX   NY" called 15 seconds after 201-448-9790

    9. Giuseppe says:

      Real estate lead sales...spam

    10. Billy says:

      Dont know what they wants

    11. Jess says:

      Called about hone equity..dont know name or company

    12. Allen says:

      "You have been selected to win $2560 . . ."Some sort of prize scam.

    13. Clayton says:

      Read my post. Tell your employer this is an extortion scam. Let those criminals know you will not be coerced into paying a non-existent debt. If this does not work, inform them your employer has tapped the phone lines and their calls are being monitored by the FBI.

    14. Benito says:

      This is a lowsy lawyer scam trying to get people to sign up for lawsuits against drug companies.On my Caller ID it said "Consumer Advocates (scam lawyers)". They wanted to know if you suffered from blood clots and took one drug. They wanted you to participate in a lawsuit.This was Wednesday January 23, 2013. Comments above show this lowsy outfit was calling people last year.Check your phone and put in a call block on it. The problem is that they have many numbers and after a while when they are blocked, they use another number.I'm going to take the good advice from above and report them. I will do this every time in the future also. I am furious when my privacy is invaded with a phone call.

    15. Harry says:

      if you pay each time you receive an SMS it could be a scam coming from your phone company. If "someone" sends through a program SMS to 100.000 cells that pays 25 cents for each SMS received, that means $250.000.00. Doing that 4 times a week, it will bring in one million dollar. This is a scam done by Rogers and Fido !