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    1. Bo says:

      Don't want solicitor calls

    2. Vance says:

      Received two calls from this number within a couple hours, by the looks of the previous posts in here it was likely as a result of an appliance purchase I made at Home Depot.

    3. Stan says:

      It stated that "Your entry last month has WON! Go to http://www..target.com rdfg.biz/?claimid= 111 and enter your Winning Code: "6655" to claim your FREE $500 Target Gift card! I received the text @ 6:33:54pm today(Friday)07/06/2012. I think I did enter a contest for a Target Gift Card, but, I can't remember!!! LOL!!

    4. Tanner says:

      I got a text from someone asking if I was a business, I said a small business, but its just me, thinking it was a business opp, I gave them my linked in, They cam back with my moms name, Her name is on the bill. And asked if I had any relation, Now I was thinking it was one of my moms friends she gave my card to, They said Oh, ok, I'll get back to you. nothing so far but Im waiting...

    5. Louis says:

      this is father don't talk to him

    6. Antony says:

      Hello. This is my phone number. Unfortunately someone thought it would be adorable to spoof my cell phone number and make scam phone calls. Please contact your bank if possible, maybe they can do something about it. I'm getting about 50 calls an hour from people calling back because of these. Hopefully they'll stop using my number soon!

    7. Lionel says:

      A recorded message comes on about credit card debt.

    8. Val says:

      Thanks for your posts. I don't feel bad about not hanging up on my wife when I too received a call from this number. SCUM

    9. Benny says:

      received a call using bad language

    10. Luther says:

      calling non stop asking personal info txting aslo

    11. Bud says:

      it is a scam trying to get peoples info and money such as c.c...block it nationwide

    12. Kenton says:

      it's Refi Pal, a mortgage firm.

    13. Jed says:

      just got called, recorded spanish msg with static.hung up. 08/11/2010

    14. Landon says:

      They claimed we have been selected to be listed on the first page of google...Scam for sure.

    15. Max says:

      Can I avoid the scam text messages of this person?