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    1. Ricardo says:

      its alwys calling me it bother me.

    2. Mose says:

      A car company who sends out Spam text messages to phone numbers and emails they do not have authorization to contact. Another number they call from is 305-824-7923. Owner of # is Mayelin Diaz.

    3. Bryon says:

      Same with me. Didn't answer, called it back and the operator also said that the number has been disconnected.

    4. Noble says:

      request personal information. scam

    5. Phillip says:

      got a call from this number, did not answer. when i called back it said the number was disconnected

    6. Jasper says:

      The robocaller filled my answermachine with unsoliciated calls about "lowering my interest".

    7. Vicente says:

      This stupid company calls my house every five minutes because they don't get the chance to talk to a real person. I'm so sorry I have a life you stupid do***ebags!

    8. Brent says:

      omg!!! i talked to john blue today. i just got that call today. this was the worse day of my life! i have never been so freakin scared in all my life. 209-396-6904 i could not understand him, and he was very mean and rude and disrespectful. he said i could pay1985.45 right now or go to jail or court would cost me 9000 dollars. everytime i asked him who do i owe this money too, he only talked about the 1985.45  he went back to how ya gonna pay it. told him i was getting an attorney, then he called back with a case #  how can i pay 1985.45 when i  NEVER GOT THE MONEY FROM ANYWHERE. thankyou for letting me know that this is a scam. i'm calling my phone company and reporting him. this has to stop. i'll never apply for a loan online again. ps: i never even got a loan of any kind.lol

    9. Len says:

      This is frank McCutcheon jr

    10. Sammy says:

      Received a text that says, " I'm a lucky winner! "

    11. Ernest says:

      got a threatening call from someone who couldn't speak english

    12. Dillon says:

      the number u have reached is not in servicw

    13. Fermin says:

      call rec'd about 5 min ag0 ... Who/what ever this was did not leave message

    14. Giuseppe says:

      These guys should be paying us per call for their annoying and unscrupulous business practices.

    15. Sheldon says:

      Computer message offering some kind of GE wireless home security system.  Not the first time they have called.  I hung up almsot immediately.