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    1. Kieth says:

      Several calls, When the number was called back, the message said it was disconnected.

    2. Donnell says:

      They keep trying to sell work leeds , but they keep selling them over and over even if you buy!

    3. Humberto says:

      It only came in as saying hey buddy!:)

    4. Bill says:

      He keeps calling ....he knows my name saying he met me at a strip show.....his name is KEVIN an wants me to call him back......but I don't know who he is an he has been calling for at least 6+ years.....I am getting scared so I reported him to the police

    5. Alvin says:

      Same caller as 302-232-3096, 503-290-1201The prerecorded message was: "This is your final courtesy call before we close the file on your annual credit card account review. We have sent you several courtesy notices to your residence. This will be the last time to take advantage in lowering your credit card interest rates to as little as 6 percent on all your credit card accounts. The only requirement is you must owe at least 3000 dollars between all your credit card accounts and have one in good standing. Press one now to speak to a friendly customer services agent."FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE FCC: http://esupport.fcc.gov/complaints.htm

    6. Weldon says:

      Not sure some one from India

    7. Del says:

      They've been calling here for at least three years...sometimes several times a week, sometimes only once or twice a month.  The caller claims to be from the Canadian Business Bureau (there is no such entity) and always wants to know whether we have found a new location.  Our company relocated almost 7 years ago.  

    8. Jamel says:

      I am trying to get their fax number ...does anyone have it?

    9. Cole says:

      there sending racist messages

    10. Bradly says:

      Called, said he was going to be at a friends house in Canoga Park (I do not live in that area) and wanted to stop by, then hung up. Called me by my last name as well. Called the number back and it does not exist

    11. Gilbert says:

      They don't say anything but I can hear background noise that indicates it is some sort of call center. I can't figure out why they call and don't have anything to say??

    12. Kelvin says:

      Automated message telling me that they are contacting people in my area who are selected to receive $100 worth of rewards from certain retailers.

    13. Avery says:

      don't answer he is full of shyt

    14. Emile says:

      Scam. "A serious legal application has been brought against you by my client________" All BS. You applied for some kind of internet loan and they intercept the information through the middle man. It must be lucrative, so some people are falling for this: do not be a victim.

    15. Marcus says:

      Calls 3 times a day.  No one ever talkes and they don't hang up.