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    1. Prince says:

      I am done with craiglist. This guy just text me this morning.

    2. Gregg says:

      His name is Eric Davis who scammed me with counterfeit money orders. Do not trust this person. I was left with -9872 dollars on my bank. I have to pay it off.

    3. Noe says:

      I have received calles from this number for 2 days. I answered once the unintelligible voice on the other end said good bye and hung up. This is very annoying as I do not know anyone in Kent Wa.

    4. Johnathan says:

      called me...i answered but there was nobody there..called it back and got a busy tone annnnnoying

    5. Lawerence says:

      Ive been getting called 201 area codes all day today and dont know why. They keep leaving voicemails with names but no reason for the call

    6. Brice says:

      Said nothing but keep calling over and over bank acct is in question?

    7. Derek says:

      First time getting call from this place, they have my name, phone number, physical address, but incorrect vehicle information. She (did not mention her name) said "information was probably mixed up, what kind of vehicle do you drive?" I laughed at her and told her obviously not a 2007 Honda Oddesy! the B*tch hung up on me. about the call, Caller ID just showed number and Saint Louis, MO. I dialed the number and got the "please hold while we transfer your call" then got a busy signal. Tried again and again since I have unlimited minutes, now I am on hold (2nd in line "to speak with representative") ... Now it's my turn. the line directly goes to voicemail system. This is obviously a SCAM! I left my message and I am thankful I didn't have to speak with any of the pathetic employees. This business will hear from BBB.

    8. Valentin says:

      I got a call from this number as 1-406-201-2321 showing on my caller ID. and it is from Forsyth, Montana.  Why did he/she bother on my phone because I am deaf.  Hang up and not able to answer.

    9. Jorge says:

      Interventional pain center... Doctors office

    10. Garry says:

      Didn't answer, Caller doesn't leave a message, hangs up when transfered to answering machine.

    11. Lyman says:

      Received call- did not leave message

    12. Emery says:

      report to the fcc like i did. The adress is fcc.gov

    13. Tanner says:

      Anyone who believes that Microsoft would call them to check on a computer, is silly at best and a fool soon parted from their money. Microsoft does not care sh*t about you, your computer or anything. Once they have your money for installed software, they kiss you goodbye until you call them and use your credit card to pay for their help services.

    14. Justin says:

      Everyday for a couple of weeks now @ the same time of day. Noon give or take. Everyone screens calls these days you'd think these idiots would fig it out!

    15. Marlin says:

      MULTIPLE phone calls/day! Left no message. Call back gave me answering service for "childen's charitable organization" I'm blocking them. :-(