808-693 Phone Me Not

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  • 808-693-0352
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  • 808-693-0354
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  • 808-693-0360
  • 808-693-0361
  • 808-693-0362
  • 808-693-0363
  • 808-693-0364
  • 808-693-0365
  • 808-693-0366
  • 808-693-0367
  • 808-693-0368
  • 808-693-0369
  • 808-693-0370
  • 808-693-0371
  • 808-693-0372
  • 808-693-0373
  • 808-693-0374
  • 808-693-0375
  • 808-693-0376
  • 808-693-0377

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    1. Charlie says:

      sent link with my first name. link will not open.

    2. Burton says:

      Also called me on my Cell...and left no message...

    3. Ervin says:

      It was a recorded telemarketer that called. I hung up before I heard what they were talking about.

    4. Odell says:

      Got a call and didn't answer. Caller ID came up UNKNOWN. No message was let.

    5. Wilfred says:

      Got an unsolicited text: If you would like to receive Guaranteed Savings on your Gas & Electric bills; "Reply Yes". No Contract Required. This is a free service!I'm reporting this to the FCC, as my cell phone is on the federal do-not-call list.

    6. Justin says:

      Called ostensibly to verify my address for an online order I had made but couldn't tell me which one. (I order online a lot, so I have no idea which vendor it might be.) Could hear kids playing in the background, so they must farm this out to people working at home. I hated to be so blunt with a working mom, but this was a major waste of my time to deal with some unwanted shopping club / identity theft service / (she talked so quickly it all ran together).

    7. John says:

      Just got my first call from this number. I didn't pick up and they left no message.

    8. Seymour says:

      Left msg saying her name was Carolyn Green from Final Claims Legal Department. Mispronounced first name so that it changed gender. Gave a case number and said if didn't respond, paperwork would be issued immediately. She repeated the number several times, said to refer to the case # and then said "Good Luck".

    9. Rick says:

      Got a call from them too. The guy said he was with a police charity. I guess he figured he was wasting his time trying to finagle money from me, because I know I came off as perturbed. He giggled and hung up on me. I'm pretty sure if it were a real charity, then his response wouldn't have been thus.I'm on the National Do Not Call List. I reported them. I find that no matter the nature of the call, if I file a complaint to the registry, I never hear from them again. But that could be a coincidence.

    10. Bennett says:

      They called me at 11:00 at night! What's up with that!

    11. Luigi says:

      I have no idea who this might be.

    12. Amado says:

      No answer then they kept calling

    13. Manuel says:

      Claims I'm randomly selected to win a "BestBuy gift" (a $1000 gift card."

    14. Antoine says:

      This is either an abusive debt collector or a scammer, you'll have to figure out which. Scammers are using bought/hacked loan application data to extort payments for fictitious debts from victims and victims' families and friends.

    15. Waldo says:

      They said they are hydroxitone ("the amazing anti aging skin cream that I must have seen online!" Aka. Scam marketing company. Ignore