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    1. Elden says:

      15160087006 -- beware of computer malware scammers!

    2. Trinidad says:

      This miscreant called my number and then proceeded to verbally abuse me.  He began by saying that he was with the Federal Grant company and when I disputed the validity of his call, began berating me in broken english.  I then received several more calls that consisted of this foreign piece of sh*t calling me names and threatening me.  Oh, to get my hands on this guy!

    3. Julian says:

      Repeated calls from this number. Tried to get me to confirm my husbands name and employer. Then told me my husband is having an affair with his ex wife.

    4. Steve says:

      Started getting calls from this number right after I went to a wedding expo. I didn't sign up with my phone number on anything, though. I do remember seeing some laser skin care people there....They have not left a message.

    5. Jessie says:

      Just rec'd. a call (5:34pm EST in NJ). I didn't answer. They didn't leave a message. Caller ID said "Jersey City NJ."

    6. Thanh says:

      They first said they were calling about an auto loan and then I told them I would not qualify because I am getting ready to file bankruptcy. Then the lady said she was not really calling about that but to see if I qualified for debt relief or bankruptcy. I think they are trying to get your personal information to clean out your bank account, I don't have any to take so the conversation ended shortly.

    7. Floyd says:

      Asked who they were and they hung up on me.

    8. Tim says:

      Calls our place of business at least once daily. Looking for someone who was never employed here. The phone rings, we pick up, and nothing for about 2 seconds. A recorded statement says "Please continue to hold" and plays hold music. Very irritating having what is probably a bill collector using an automated system and not even bothering to have a live person on the other end.

    9. Ralph says:

      KC Carpet Cleaning calls my house at LEAST every couple of weeks....sometimes more.  I just left them a message on the cell phone they always have off and told them I would wreak havoc for them all over the internet if they do not stop calling immediately.

    10. Kraig says:

      11 calls in a day and a half about a gift card I had won. They have ignored multiple requests to take my number off the list and not to call again even when I asked to speak with a supervisor. They are very rude and will not take no for an answer, just continue to talk around and over what you are saying and keep calling back!

    11. Lesley says:

      They left a voicemail indicating to call regarding some legal issue

    12. Rocky says:

      1 ring than a hangup  (occurred 3 times)

    13. Sydney says:

      They are a debt collector and they call me more than 6 times a day.

    14. Avery says:

      dont accept calls are texts

    15. Eliseo says:

      Our kids gud they dnt need u in out there life...