812-236 Phone Me Not

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  • 812-236-8830
  • 812-236-8831
  • 812-236-8832
  • 812-236-8833
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    1. Leonardo says:

      I had to block the calls.......

    2. Leslie says:

      they r a scam if u have filled out for any loan or anything of the sort hey will call or even text u and tell u that u r approved for a 2500 credit card which has a membership fee of 99.00 that u dont have 2 pay up front and they will also tell u that u qualify 4 a 1500 loan not true they get your info from the application that u applied 4 and do things with it so close all accounts and call all the important ppl to protect yourself even if u dont answer they still have the info so take action before they do

    3. Preston says:

      spam from www.escortmeet.net /// sent a lot of text from different numbers and don't stop

    4. Shawn says:

      Same here. Called with no message. Started recently. I've received 3 calls so far. 12/09/09, 12/14/09, 12/18/09. Maybe next time I'll pick it up and report back and what they say.

    5. Rex says:

      Got call today from this number.  They did not leave message.

    6. Prince says:

      Peddling something for "old Folk". Cut them off once I heard enough to figure this much out.

    7. Gail says:

      I will be reporting these harassing calls from 209-676-4512 to the attorney general.

    8. Korey says:

      I just got a call from this guy stating exactly the same thing, asking me if I have an attorney and I need to get one because I got a lawsuit agianst me.  So, I reported the person to IC3 to complaint about them.

    9. Jonas says:

      U stupid fuqk don't call my phone EVER again!

    10. Tracy says:

      They call about 4 or 5 times a day, don't say anything or call and hangup.

    11. Hal says:

      This is a Clearwater, FL/St. Petersburg, FL exchange; not VA. The actual company may be in VA, though; I don't know. I don't know them so I don't answer and they don't leave messages.

    12. Forrest says:

      Card holder services, said there is nothing wrong with my account but to consider this call my final notice to lower my interest rates. Press 9 to lower my interest rate.

    13. Jeffery says:

      Called this number back, it went to an answering service called "My IP Relay". The woman who answered told me this is an answering service and she'd forward me to whoever that was, but she had no idea who it was she was connecting me to (???) because it was just a public service. I'm calling it spam.

    14. Santiago says:

      Number assigned by www.textplus.com. Available app from Apple.

    15. Nathaniel says:

      I don't know who called they spoke in spainish