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    1. Andreas says:

      This person keeps calling me on my # asking for an Alex, there's no Alex.  I believe the person said his name was John Jackson ? Couldn't understand him very well,  but he stated that Alex is to retain an Attorney to take care of this matter (what ever it is) or else.   They are from India. He's calling from several  different numbers 1)  916-395-0000, 2)  804-214-6522, 3)  231-224-2063, 4)  661-213-9237.   I've contacted the police and they are checking into this for me.

    2. Spencer says:

      tryto call back, no pick up. do not want that type of call

    3. Nolan says:

      The same operator keeps calling and they have the wrong number !!!

    4. Kirby says:

      Yes, I got an appliance from Home Depot.

    5. Jere says:

      Please do not hang up. This is not a sales call.

    6. Kory says:

      This number has shown up on caller ID five times in the last two weeks. The caller never leaves a message

    7. Adam says:

      I just got a call from them, picked up since it is in my area code where I live, BUT NOT my cell which is from the other side of the country....so I picked up thinking it was a local car shop Id been waiting for a call from....some hispanic voice saying my name, he was with UPS, needed to confirm my address and rattled it off, told me ok good as I was like "huh, what", and said my package will be off today and hung up on me....I was like WTF since I am expecting some packages but thought it was rude for UPS to call like that, so googled it and found this...

    8. Earl says:

      I received this text message from this number"heyy Vincent I love your FB profile! plz message me on skyp.e..; Angelface7271 so we can chat... <3<3 Jenn"

    9. Hunter says:

      Im no longer a donor and they still call..

    10. Fritz says:

      They call everyday.  If answering machine picks-up, it gets disconnected.   When I answer the phone, it says "Thank you for calling.... all of our representatives are busy assisting other customers."

    11. Buck says:

      Need to stop calling me or I'm taking legal action asap!!!

    12. Kory says:

      New number, same scam. "Don't hang up, this is not a sales call. A home break-in has been reported ..."

    13. Ernest says:

      Phone scam for cruise! I don't care at all!

    14. Jaime says:

      Me too,no message just a call at 9:05 am

    15. Wesley says:

      Credit card service to lower your balance