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    1. Kareem says:

      Just got a call from them that stated "we are calling to discuss your loan modification on your first morgage"  When we asked how they where related to our mortgage company about 4 times she finaly said "We are not related to your mortgage company we just wanted to discuss your loan modification with us"  We promptly hung up.

    2. Enrique says:

      Got a call from this number yesterday and my 12 year old answered it thinking it was a family friend from germany who calls on skype. This person on the other end had a Middle eastern accent and said he was calling from washington dc. Of course my 12 year old started messing with him thinking it was our friend and flustered the guy. The guy asked him if he liked candy and started making some kind of yell that sounded like the stereo typical arab yell. He then told my 12 year old that he was "coming for him"  Thats when i got on the phone but he would not talk to me and hung up.  I had figured out by this time it was not our friend and i figured it was a telemarketer.

    3. Timothy says:

      Calls ten times a day for last ten days. Is home security company, Protect America.

    4. Jeromy says:

      I get tried of this Num callt

    5. Refugio says:

      Number hangs up when answered

    6. Harvey says:

      No msg left.  A few seconds of garbled static.

    7. Dana says:

      i am in missouri and i have been getting this same thing. they have even called my work and told a manager that it had to do with fraud but when i tried to call them back no answer. have gotten several of these. one also from riverside ca and they are always foreign speaking people.

    8. Alfonso says:

      Health insurance company trying to sale insurance

    9. Ariel says:

      They keep calling this will bw the 4th time in 2 hours. I answer and theybhang up. Getting ready to call police and file a harassment complaint.

    10. Craig says:

      Make money shopping blah blah blah

    11. Gil says:

      Credit card merchants !!!so fn anoying

    12. Ricky says:

      Seriously, the guy's accent was so thick I couldn't understand what he wanted.

    13. Hayden says:

      Received call from a Mike Wilson who claims to be a street minister who is in Hollywood, CA and was attacked by several gay men who threaten to kill him. He said they took all his money and laptop and dumped him out of a car and a kind woman took him to a local hotel but now has no money to pay his bill. He ask me for $1,200 for which I refused.  I believe he may be a scammer.

    14. Darnell says:

      After 5 calls in the span of about 2 hours, a live person was on the line. It was an Israeli charity, 'Magen Israel', sort of an Israeli Red Cross which my wife has donated to in the past but now, no more. I told the woman on the line how unprofessional their fund raising (robo calling) was and asked our number to be removed from their list. We'll see.

    15. Levi says:

      caller ID "XXXXXXXXXX   NY" just again one hour after their last call - it's going to be a long day.