812-614 Phone Me Not

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    1. Everette says:

      I've received quite a few calls from this number but they never talk, or leave a message.

    2. Garrett says:

      continuing education scam

    3. Florentino says:

      They have called numerous times and left a couple voicemails that say nothing.

    4. Terence says:

      No call or text thank you good bye......

    5. Conrad says:

      Keeps calling and nobody answers the few times I have been curious enough to take the call.

    6. Lincoln says:

      ABC warehouse for extended warranty.

    7. Shaun says:

      I think out cell phone companies are selling our phone numbers!

    8. Lucas says:

      This company calls twice a day.  A new person every time.  Asks for owner by name, when I try screen the call I get no real info.  Most callers are rude, 1 has been sexually explicit.  Caller today said that they will keep calling until they get the owner because he is on a 'list.'  When I asked if there was anyone else that could help him, he said only speaking to the owner would help.  I am sure that I will get another call from them before the day is over.  Very annoying, even by sales-call standards!

    9. Bryant says:

      Caller ID dipping fee scammer

    10. Giuseppe says:

      You're right, I won't. Just would realy like for them to be caught up with and forced to shut down their lousy scheming...

    11. Dillon says:

      Called my son twice again just now.  They have already been informed that they have the wrong number.  They also gave me a bunch of info on the person they are looking for.  They told me they are attempting to collect from Sharice (Cherice? Sherice?) Hubbard, possibly from Harrison Michigan, DOB 5/5/1968, and the last four of her SS# is 3546.

    12. Rudolf says:

      Got a text to call this number for Pacific Western Bank. No way, no way, and no way!. Just a scam.

    13. Mitchel says:

      Call constantly...hang up.

    14. Rodrigo says:

      I received at least three or four calls from this number daily. No one is on the other end.  The line is always busy if you try to call this number. Thank you,

    15. Quincy says:

      i am getting messages from the # and want to know who it is.