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    1. Edison says:

      call several times a week. Answered once and told them to remove my number from their call list and they have continued to call. sometimes several times a day.

    2. Raymond says:

      This guy contacted me on Facebook...asking if i wanted to make $400 by letting him watch me defecate. He wanted to watch me do my thing. I said No and he insited on raising the price to try and convince me to let him. He said we can do this at his house or mine, or he would get a Motel...he gave me his number and its the same one thats posted on here. I didnt and wont call. Hes been emailing a friend of mine as well, harrassing her and offering her $600 to take a shiit on her and to give him a b***job. I think its important that this guy gets discoverd and delt with by authorities. I hope no one falls for this guy, he is dangerouse.

    3. Joel says:

      This is on Sept 2, 2013. This number has called me many different times and it has been the same people calling over and over. If there's any kind of law enforcement or government officials looking at this website, please do something about this. The phone number is (209)-222-4899.

    4. Tuan says:

      Repeat call and wrong number

    5. Jermaine says:

      I have gotten quite a few calls from this number and cant call back because it states number cant accept calls. For any of you who are tired of this number please make a FTC complaint. I am but just me doing so wont make a difference, please help.

    6. Mickey says:

      Another robo call for Google.  So far since 1:00 this afternoon I have had four of these calls from four different numbers.

    7. Harry says:

      Bruce please pick up the phone when I call you, I really want to talk to you, we have plenty to talk about, you know like the laws you are breaking and the fdcpa violations.  

    8. Monty says:

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    9. Wilburn says:

      cell phone call no one answered

    10. Emile says:

      I have received the same phone call and am reporting them to the Attorney General's office for the State of Washington.  I also gave them when they called me the number to the FBI!    Yet another scam and another way to exhtort money from people.  Have all of the phone #'s written down.

    11. Porter says:

      Call from Big Brands Rewards. Says that I entered online and proceeded to ask a bunch of questions which i did not answer. Says he was going to save me money on products I can use but in order to know if I can use them he asked lots of questions, ie. do you have diabetes, do you like to eat spinach, etc.

    12. Logan says:

      I received the same call today also. I going to file a complaint also.

    13. Shirley says:

      Calling several times a day, every day never leaves a message of any kind.  Called back using +67 and went through a vru (voice response unit) then transferred to an agent.

    14. Barry says:

      scammm don't give cc info out

    15. Benton says:

      Did anyone get an address from these people. In think it's pretty ignorant that they start calling your family before they even send you a letter or hey even call you. They must do that for intimidation!