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    1. Forest says:

      credit management - comcast collection

    2. Louie says:

      Saying the fbi reports break in every minute. Trying to get you to pay for a home security system and they put it in for free but charge a large monthly cost to keep it

    3. Oscar says:

      I received multiple text messages from this number also claiming they are Bank of America.

    4. Lucas says:

      i got a call from him/her and he/she had a lot of of noise bihend them and the he/she hang up

    5. Kirk says:

      yep... me too! same thing, same response!

    6. Kenton says:

      keep calling for someone else even after I told them this has been my #for almost 2years!

    7. Andy says:

      I received a call from 209-563-4219 today.  It was a Phillipino woman who couldn't speak clear English.  She claimed to be a paralegal for James Parker in Los Angeles.  She told me I was being sued but couldn't tell me who was suing me.  She gave me this number to call and speak with a Kevin Johnson.  I informed her it was against the law to call me regarding a lawsuit and that she had to send it to me by mail.  For a paralegal, she wasn't very aware of the law.  The number she gave me to call isn't listed to any attorney's office and it can't accept messages because it's mail box is full.

    8. Palmer says:

      It was a collection agency. When I answered they hung up. Very rude! Gr-r-r.

    9. Micheal says:

      I have received three calls in since yesterday from this number, on my work cell phone. I only give out that number to clients and colleagues.

    10. Bernard says:

      Someone is fraudulently using my company name and address. He calls himself Dan Herry and is soliciting quotes from vendors. He uses the call back number 206 202 2214 and email address danherry24@yahoo.com.

    11. Claudio says:

      This guy is dating my sister but he slept with some other girl over the summer

    12. Marty says:

      I keep getting phone calls from this number but when I pick up no one answers but they keep calling me!

    13. Calvin says:

      They said they were from the righous degree I have no idea who or what that is

    14. Sid says:

      Somethng about colleges online. I hung up.

    15. Leland says:

      you can win a free cruise just by answering one question