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    1. Cecil says:

      This number kept harassing my home asking (and mispronouncing the name), calling over 5 times in 2 hours (not to mention how they kept calling ALL DAY yesterday). Finally, I called the number back and received a “hello” but once I confronted her about this number calling my house multiple times, I was hung up on. Then I called again and no one picked up the phone.

    2. Carl says:

      Received call, when I answered they hung up. I tried calling back and I got a message saying that the special number cannot receive calls.

    3. Shawn says:

      When you call back this Number it is Un-Available

    4. Benito says:

      Home security services company, cold call solicitor

    5. Corey says:

      Dont pick up this asshole

    6. Clement says:

      Please get these guys shut down,

    7. Pete says:

      Hi, I received a call today 12/15/11 at 12:23pm (the call was to my cell phone). The person asked for my name and said that he is calling from credit cards services. When I asked him what kind of credit card, he hung up the phone. I beleive that was a scammer.

    8. Bobby says:

      Some lady asking for my husband, but I'm not married.

    9. Burt says:

      Called and claimed I owed them over $900.00 and if I didn't pay IMMEDIATELY they were calling a Sheriff Johnson and putting a warrant out for me. I do not owe anyone this kind of money. They could not give me any information about where this debt came from. Just continued to threaten me.

    10. Nathanael says:

      Keep calling asking for somebody that is not at this number

    11. Eli says:

      They called claiming I was chosen for a $7K US grant. They had my basic info and ask for nothing more except for me to call another # with an acceptance code they gave me. When I did, I told the guy on the other end I needed some info from him first and he hung up on me.

    12. German says:

      thy just called me and want say nothing

    13. Rafael says:

      receive spam text message from this number.

    14. Terrance says:

      They we selling a two day cruise to Bahamas if u answered questions.

    15. Van says:

      This caller ID merely had the number in place of a name. Fortunately, they don't bother leaving messages. These folks need real jobs and hobbies.