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    1. Emmitt says:

      Who is this? They call several times a day and don't leave a meassage

    2. Warner says:

      SPAM about a phone company or something

    3. Hans says:

      called me a few times over the course of a few days. no answer. when i call it just drops the call. how can we report this number?

    4. Solomon says:

      Already four calls, one at the same time (around 10:30am) everyday. No message left.

    5. Joaquin says:

      This is Larry Levin / Futures Trader.  He is legit but annoying I told them I have no interest in the futures market months ago, bu continue to get calls.

    6. Randy says:

      That number called me this morning at 8:23 am, it rang twice then stopped. I checked the number and came to this site. I blocked the number and made sure my call forwarding was turn off. I called the number and no one answered....it made sounds like fax machine but not quite the same as a fax.

    7. Warren says:

      this person wrote fake check in my account

    8. Heriberto says:

      A Hector from this number had called two days in a row....repeatedly calling me back, after I've asked to be removed from the call list.  I've also spoken to a supervisor.  I do NOT want calls from this number!!!  They keep saying that they don't want me to miss out on this great opportunity!!  What do I do????

    9. Tommie says:

      my husbad got a text and several calls from this number saying his card was locked and wanted him to enter his card number he called me i tried to look it up and got nothing and when i called it it said put in your card number for debit

    10. Bo says:

      Prostitute from arlington virginia

    11. Everette says:

      called saying we won a $500 dollar gift card from Walmart, already giving us our address saying it was going to be mailed to us, then asked for credit card information already knowing we had a visa from our purchases at Walmart. awful people...

    12. William says:

      Scam for ID theftYou WON! Go to www.PrizeConfirm.com to claim your $1000 Walmart Gift Card Now! conf code: 87323 Txt STOP 2 quit.

    13. Michal says:

      Commercial Credit Adjusters (CCR) - a collection agency. They hide themselves as an "unknown caller" to trick you into answering & will call every flippin day if you don't make a settlement with them.

    14. John says:

      I have been receiving calls every hour for over a week now. They won't speak English to me and they won't speak Spanish to a friend who answered it for me. They call as late as 10p. It is really annoying and now I have to change my cell #.

    15. Eloy says:

      They don't say anything, it's just silence.