813-960 Phone Me Not

  • 813-960-0324
  • 813-960-0325
  • 813-960-0326
  • 813-960-0327
  • 813-960-0328
  • 813-960-0329
  • 813-960-0330
  • 813-960-0331
  • 813-960-0332
  • 813-960-0333
  • 813-960-0334
  • 813-960-0335
  • 813-960-0336
  • 813-960-0337
  • 813-960-0338
  • 813-960-0339
  • 813-960-0340
  • 813-960-0341
  • 813-960-0342
  • 813-960-0343
  • 813-960-0344
  • 813-960-0345
  • 813-960-0346
  • 813-960-0347
  • 813-960-0348
  • 813-960-0349
  • 813-960-0350

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    1. Laurence says:

      They just sat there. Probably a 3rd party company paid by the # of calls they make.

    2. Sterling says:

      i dont know how this guy got my number. I have know clue who he is, but keeps calling at all hours, asking to meet in a wal-mart parking lot to watch him pleasure him self.

    3. Neal says:

      Did not recognize number.

    4. Jimmie says:

      Called 5 times back to back and hangs up.

    5. Damon says:

      well on my cell phone i have an option to send a contact directly to VM and i don't get those calls. i make up a contact name "DON'T ANSWER" the when i see it on visual VM i delete it

    6. Dario says:

      SCAM !! This is a Pharma Scam!! DONT GIVE YOUR CARD INFO ...... This Scamer will call you from California number From VOIP system, or May be Magic Jack ..... Now i have few research on the website , this website is register in PAKISTAN @@ They are pure scamers

    7. Weldon says:

      this person talk bout kill me

    8. Korey says:

      Woman called and left a message about sending a video from Junction City, KS and she was from Ohio. l Not sure what she was talking about, she was hard to understand.

    9. Billy says:

      he met up with me and beat me about to press charges!!!

    10. Wilford says:

      This is like a switchboard number. I know several people who work at childrens hospital of alabama in different departments. Their direct  deptment number does come up.  Jus this number.so don't be alarmed.  Effective late june childrens hosp changed a lot of their numbers I heard.

    11. Mason says:

      get calls from this # a few times a week, usu. mid-evening

    12. Daryl says:

      She is an awesome person! and she is really smart!

    13. Rayford says:

      I got this call at 8 am this morning, I never requested any rates online and I told them so! but some how they got my number ..  The call came up from Alantic city NJ

    14. Adalberto says:

      They can't freeze any money without a court order. Now tell us, how much are these scammers paying you to lie for them?

    15. Roman says:

      Sick and tired of the phone calls from this company. It pissing me off!!!