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    1. Andrew says:

      I just got the same call............laughed at them while they were trying to speak english....i kept saying "what do you want from me'........whoever this is just kept saying..'i want to see you behind bars'. OMG what a scam. For those of you getting these calls, reverse the game and call them back.......it is hilarious, they dont know what to say to you and finally just hang up.

    2. Darwin says:

      That number called me this morning at 8:23 am, it rang twice then stopped. I checked the number and came to this site. I blocked the number and made sure my call forwarding was turn off. I called the number and no one answered....it made sounds like fax machine but not quite the same as a fax.

    3. Keneth says:

      You have won a gift card. Spam

    4. Art says:

      Children's confirming appt

    5. Troy says:

      Ta 502 this number called me, didn't leave me a voicemail, and then a message from a 502 number that had the number that called me in it.

    6. Ambrose says:

      They don't leave a message or say anything.

    7. Ivan says:

      caller my cell played Farmers Insurance jingle then said I was payign too much for house insurance

    8. Arlen says:

      Recorded message confirming an appointment in Atlanta, but call came from CO.

    9. Douglas says:

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    10. Trey says:

      This lady scams people when selling items on Craigslist and other places. Beware!

    11. Manual says:

      Another ruse for a cruise recorded message spam

    12. Royce says:

      Very nasty people Barbara and Thomas are sending nasty messages want to do a threesome I don't even know these people I don't do that I've asked him not to call me or text me so please stop it do not let them send no more time text dr phone calls Thanks

    13. Horace says:

      This is a scam, do NOT fall for it.

    14. Rolland says:

      Keep calling trying to sell me stuff

    15. King says:

      They said they are with the attorneys office but wont say what state sounds fraudulent