814-969 Phone Me Not

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    1. Hunter says:

      This company called my husbands exwife of 15 years. I am a little leary about this. Said they were collecting in a check from 2007. Is this place real or what? Not sure if I should give them any info or not?? Can anyone help on this one?

    2. Chang says:

      Keep getting calls from this number once in the morning and then about 5 in the evening. Getting very annoyed with them as no-one is speaking on the line then an automated voice says "goodbye".Is there anyway to get this number blocked??

    3. Milan says:

      Called and left a message about an "important IRS matter"

    4. Jude says:

      I received a txt message saying You WON!!! go to www.CardConfrim.com claim your $1000 Walmart Gift Card Now!! TXT Stop 2 quit. A spam of course

    5. Henry says:

      receiving calls from 310 202 4320 always hang up never leave msg.

    6. Ali says:

      This is a lawsuit company robocall.

    7. Arnoldo says:

      Threaten to kill me n my kids

    8. Buster says:

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    9. Abdul says:

      Recently I have been receiving repeated calls from 205-291-2033. After ringing for like 5-10 seconds another number appeares on the caller id. Its like getting two calls at a time, but the second number appeares to be more than 12 digits (like caller card no.) and shows Vincent, AL in the caller id.

    10. Abraham says:

      Noone on other end. Its an auto dialer system. Marketing

    11. Jewel says:

      1 text. they said "hey" i have never seen this number before. it says its a landline but i didnt think landlines could text.

    12. Newton says:

      Got more information about 312 625 1402.   They said to call back at 855-841-6089.   This second number is for a scam that is already well documented on this site.

    13. Devin says:

      she call me  3th november 2008 from a phone, my cell displayed "unknown", knew same things about me, she asked me about my company, about what i do. foolish i sed to her my name, he told me she is from bulgary and she works for a stock share company from US. and she asked me if i had a sum of money that i could invest in a market share, in the US.at the end of the conversation she told me that har boss would call me to talk to me!

    14. Moises says:

      Called 2X same day (back 2 back) but would NOT leave a msg.I NEVER answer stranger numbers (unless I forget, smile)

    15. Denis says:

      Actually, no, they can't report you to the credit bureau - this is an attempt to extort money from people.  Also, even if he claims you have a "verbal" contract, that would not stand up in court.  The guy is a scammer.  Report the call to the FTC and your state's Attorney General.