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    1. Mason says:

      I received a phone call as well stating i am being investigated for fraud and two police officers would be at my work the next afternoon to arrest me.  I demanded for them to Cease and Desist calling me at that number ever again and stated I wanted in writing the complaint against me and also stated I wanted the wet ink signature of the loan I am suppose to have taken out.  The person stated he would not call again and has not.

    2. Issac says:

      There is a listing on Craigslist that says this number is for a "Lucrative and exclusive film and modeling company"

    3. Barton says:

      not sure but they just called me...

    4. Robt says:

      Just got my $1000 gift card, this is totally real.... NOT

    5. Neville says:

      The name showed up as L. Jones

    6. Mikel says:

      This company calls daily claiming to be Google represented. They are not, and my Google listing is fine. They use SCARY WORDS to strike fear into your heart and trick you into giving them money, information, and I hate them for it.

    7. Gabriel says:

      Please can you send me the new iphone5 so I can test it out the code is Beta http://testiphone5.mobi will recieve it

    8. Aron says:

      Its Volusion, you probably signed up for there free trial?

    9. Roberto says:

      THis person called and asked for my daughter by name.  They asked if she wanted to be part of a sweepstakes. When my daughter put me on they hung up.

    10. Arnulfo says:

      Sent to multiple business cells

    11. Vance says:

      Laura allen,keep playing on my phone threating me my life

    12. Truman says:

      This place called me five in the past three days. My number is on the Do Not Call Registry. It is an automated message asking if you want relief from credit card debt. Funny thing is I have zero credit card debt. What really makes me furious is to be bothered at home by JUNK calls soliciting me. Since this illegal what can be done to put pressure on this company to stop calling?

    13. Herbert says:

      Trying to get you to sign up for there shoppers rewards

    14. Orval says:

      She is at Sawgrass Mills Mall. Her name is jessica. She has a friend name erica. Her number is from killeen / fort hood texas but she's in fort lauderdale FL. Anyways its spam or a joke i think!

    15. Deon says:

      so far just one call, i let it go to voicemail and left no message...