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    1. Jackie says:

      I recive a massage saying that i won a 1,000 best buy gift car. how can i gwt mi gift card or were can i call.?

    2. Enrique says:

      Text message spam that says: "Hey <My Name>, not sure if you or anyone else you know still smokes. But www.smoke75.com is giving away free e-cig trials. - Mike"

    3. Mose says:

      Yes, numerous and they don't say a word or leave a message. It's so annoying and can something be done about it. I sure hope so.

    4. Arturo says:

      Hey my name is Saeed I get this call from this number Asian lady she saying I win vacation 4 night luxury to some whene I state I don't remember Incloud rent a car when I told her do you want Visa card number or MasterCard she said now but I will transfair you to other line he will tell you how you get your prize and then she hang out the phone scam lol

    5. Erich says:

      Calls occur early in the morning. Rings several times, but always hangs up/disconnects when I answer. Usually calls a second time immediately after, but only rings once. No identifying info on caller ID other than number - but when I called the number, the recording says it's a Verizon number that has either been changed or is no longer in service. Verizon claims it is not a valid Verizon number and is probably a 'spoof' number (a bogus number that is masking the actual number). In fact, 145 is not an area code - so this is probably true. Since the calls are being made to my AT&T landline, I was able to trace the number by dialing #57. You can only do this before another call comes in - and I believe there's a $3.00 charge (which they may waive under these circumstances) AT&T and Verizon are both investigating this number - so if I get any additional information, I will update here.

    6. Ned says:

      I get at LEAST 5 calls a day from this telemarketer.

    7. Abram says:

      A company calls me always. I've told them repeatedly to take my number of their list, but to no avail.

    8. Gaston says:

      So... Because I choose to buy things off the internet or phone, this automaticaly gives you the right to invade my privacy?? What a bastardized way of thinking you maintain. I'm glad you think you make a lot of money, what a great way to measure yourself.

    9. Clinton says:

      is this a common thing or what ? very annoyn, from anus (annoyn)....get it !

    10. Luther says:

      This company called at 10PM on a Thursday night! Didn't leave message.

    11. Jules says:

      I got a call at 2:58am on my cell phone and I answered and no one was there. I am getting these calls in the middle of the early morning from all kinds of phone numbers. Strange, I don't get harassing phone calls until Denise Salerno is working on my ex's case again???? Harassment!!!

    12. Olen says:

      Text: horrible things about conviction

    13. Frankie says:

      Same as other guy... same text, never banked there

    14. Mikel says:

      Think this is a telemarketer

    15. Edmund says:

      Calls 3-4 times a week...them and some sarasota number...Get a real job people...