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    1. Andres says:

      getting calls from this number, who is this? when calling it back, recording states that the number cant be dailed...????

    2. Marvin says:

      RQDCei <a href="http://dtiqgvhsmtcq.com/">dtiqgvhsmtcq</a>

    3. Denver says:

      No, it is not!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Bradford says:

      Random text messages .. everyday saying the same thing a name of a ex friend

    5. Steven says:

      I got calls from both 727-213-2408 and 818-851-7859 from this Mark Mark Robinson character who continually threatens arrest.  He states he is from Oakview Legal Services.  All the people there claim they are not collecting a debt but it is quite obvious they are.  I had to change my phone number due to the sheer number of harrassment calls for me.  I contacted the Florida Attorney General's Office; I'll see what happens next.

    6. Leandro says:

      text twice threating text, might be wrong person but was wandering who it was

    7. Shayne says:

      old creepy man ..... idk why I gave him my number

    8. Courtney says:

      I got a message saying, click here for my hot pics. Like i honestly dont know who this would be.

    9. Jordon says:

      They ask if I want a dodge charger

    10. Carrol says:

      I actually laughed at them and then pulled their leg. This Indian person called and stated that he was from Microsoft and that my computer was infected. So since I have an MCSE from Microsoft, and I know that Microsoft will not contact you about a virus on your pc (That is actually up to your ISP to shut down your email/internet connection) I decided to play with their heads a little bit. He was all like Im blah blah blah from microsoft, and we have detected a virus on your PC. I was like Ohhh noo, that's horrible, Hes says Yes it is sir and we.. I then cut him off and was all like, First the IRS comes after me for tax evasion, and then I hear that I am going to court for racketeering, and now this.. Dead silence is on the phone now, so i keep going. I say I just wish they were not able to get that darn court order to wire tap my phone. They would have never known. Yea at that point the guy hangs up. Point is, Microsoft or any other company will not call you about a virus unless it is your ISP and they are planning on shutting you down. To bad the idiot on the other end of the phone did not realize that I run a pure MAC OS environment at home. No Microsoft crap. To quote 1 person. Winning!!!!!!!!!

    11. Elbert says:

      An SOS ALERT about not paying taxes and the IRS harassing you

    12. Marcellus says:

      I didn't answer I haven't received any monies if anything somebody used me as a contact number

    13. Hollis says:

      Recebido duas chamadas, uma perdida e outra respondida, tentei contactar mas nao responde.

    14. Andrea says:


    15. Jefferey says:

      I won a cruise...geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez